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Based at Montreal in Quebec, Air Transat Airlines is a Canadian Airlines that provides one of the splendid facilities to its passengers. The airline is a low-cost airline serving to a number of destinations spread all over the world.

With a fleet size of 44, Air Transat Airlines provides excellent services to its passengers. The airlines serve to 63 destinations spread all over the world. The airlines provide domestic and scheduled services to its passengers from its headquarters located at Montréal, Quebec in Canada.

Steps to book online flight tickets in Premium Economy Class with Air Transat Airlines:

The passengers may book online flight tickets while travelling to their desired destination. Online booking of the flight tickets for the Air Transat Premium Economy class can be done by implementing the steps listed below:

  • The passengers may sign in to the website of Air Transat Airlines.
  • Right after signing in to the website of Air Transat Airlines, the passengers may choose and select the book a flight option.
  • Under book a flight option, the passengers need to fill in the reservation details. This mainly includes the name of the boarding destination and the name of the final destination.
  • With these details, the passengers need to specify their class as that of Premium Economy Class.
  • Finally, the passengers need to select and choose their flight from the list of available flights.
  • Then, the passengers need to pay for booking the flight by making the online payment.

The above steps will assist the passengers in booking the flight tickets with Air Transat Airlines. Moreover, if some issue arises, then the passengers may contact the executives of Air Transat Airlines for getting the issues resolved regarding Air Transat Premium economy or other classes too.

Air Transat Booking

Unique services provided to the passengers:

Air Transat Airlines provide a number of services to its passengers. Some of the services provided to the passengers while travelling by Air Transat premium economy are mentioned here:

  • The passengers are provided with comfortable leather seats that helps the passengers to relax.optimum relaxation
  • Also, there is a four-way headrest present on the aircraft.
  • Presence of individual touch screens that help the passengers to enjoy themselves.
  • The travellers may enjoy shared cabin screens and download apps from the Google Play Store.
  • In-flight magazine that provides complete entertainment to the passengers is offered to the travellers.
  • Combo meals, light snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner is provided to the passengers.

The passengers may contact at Air Transat Booking number for availing instant guidance to get the issues resolved.

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