What are The British Airways Pet Policy?

Every airlines aims to provide luxurious flight experience to all its passengers keeping the budget in mind. However sometimes people who own pets have to travel along with their pets and if in case you wish to book flights for your pets then there is no better airline than British air. You can always book flights for the pets and travel with them on the same plane. Now, for carrying pets often there are certain protocols to be followed by the passengers and if you wish to carry pets then read the following pet policies.

Different types of the Pet Policies on British Airways

With the help of the British Pet policy, you can easily make the reservation for your pets and enjoy the journey with them. Now to find out more, tap below.

  1. The very basic thing to keep in mind while traveling with the pets is that you have to guarantee and verify that they are medically fit. Animals are more likely to fall sick and catch allergies and that can be communicable too. Therefore before booking flight schedule for the passengers, get your pet’s full checkup with medical certificate.
  2. If you are carrying an officially trained dog who is an assistant to some kind of service then you don’t have to give any type of information or medically certificate. You are allowed to travel with them without any type of prior policies.
  3. In case you want to fly via British Air and that too with your pets then you have to inform the airline maximum 72 hours before the reservations or the departure. With informing the airline well in advance, you can easily get your pets on board.
  4. Also a lot of people try to get their pets in the form of checked luggage but British air does not allow its passengers to do so. You can’t get your pets as checked in bags.
  5. The pets like small cat, pup or rabbits are only allowed to travel on flights. And to carry the pets along with you, you have to make sure that they are locked in a cage which is properly locked and ventilated.
  6. In case of the pets that are small in size and shape then you can easily make the reservations and carry them along with you under your seat.
  7. Keep a note of one fact that you can only carry pets along with you on the ticket only if you have any got the certificate from a vet and that’s not as old as 10 days.
  8. Also keeping the increased Covid pandemic, any pet won’t be allowed on board if the current temperature of the pet is above 85 F or below 45 F.
  9. The maximum age of the pets should not be less than 10 weeks and the pregnant animals are not allowed to travel on the flight.

And hence with the help of the following policies related to British Airways Pet reservations Policy, one can easily make the reservations for the animals.

Contacting the customer care team

In case of any doubt related to the reservations, one can easily reach out to the British Airways phone numberThe support team of the airline works 24x7 and then you can communicate with the support team anytime.

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