Can I Buy a Seat For My Dog on Southwest Airlines?

Going with pets? And thinking about whether I can buy a seat for my dog on Southwest Airlines? Yes, absolutely you can purchase a ticket for your pet on Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines permits little vaccinated domestic cats and dogs to go with you in the Cabin under the seat before you. All pets should be conveyed in a fitting transporter, as shown beneath.

Southwest Airlines pet policy

  1. According to  Southwest Airlines pet policy, Pets are not permitted to go in the cabin on international flights or any schedule that incorporates a global flight.
  2. Pets will be acknowledged on a first come, first served premise until the limit is reached. Six pets are permitted  per trip with a constraint of one per transporter for each paying customer going on a similar flight. In any case, occasionally, conditions may take into account more or less than six pet transporters per planned flight.
  3. Pets should be checked in at the airport ticket counters, anyway customers can in any case get their tickets on the web, at curbside check in, the airport stand, or the tickets counter. 
  4. Scratching, exorbitant crying or woofing
  5. Urinating or pooping in the cabin or entryway region.

For customers heading out to Puerto Rico, explicit necessities may apply.

Customers may take incinerated pets remaining parts installed as carry on things. Incinerated stays should be examined by the TSA at the security designated place and can not be caknowledge as checked things by Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines suggested the vehicles stay in a brief plastic or cardboard holder that is normally given by the  crematorium  to guarantee the things be cleared. If that remaining holder cant be screened.

Pet reservation and payment information

  1. According to Southwest Airlines pet reservations, pets making a trip are liable to a $95 pet fare of every way per pet transporter. 
  2. Pets fares are refundable. If you cancel your reservation and your pet does not travel or if the flight is cancelled and you decide to cancel not to rebook, contact the  Southwest Airlines phone number 1-800-i-FLY-SWA( 1-800-435-9792)
  3. Or visit the airport ticket counter for Southwest Airlines pet reservations or to  handle your  refund.

U.S domestic flights: Southwest Airlines pet reservations  should be made ahead of time by calling the customer services number, upon the arrival of travel, customer should acquire the pet to the airport a supported prt transporter, continue to the airport ticket counter to check the pet in and pay the pet fare prior to going to the ticket doors.

International flights: pets are not permitted to go in the cabin on international flights or any schedule that incorporates a global flight. 

In cabin-pet Airlines

Get your official Southwest Airlines marked pert transportation for$58 (charges included) at any Southwest airport ticket counter or on the web (charges excluded) at Southwest. The store (not a subsidiary of Southwest Airlines co.) pet transporters are nonrefundable.

Adequate pet Airlines

  1. The Southwest Airline pet Airline( 17’’ longx9.5” high x 10” wide) 
  2. Other pet transporters with the greatest components are 18.5”long x 8.5” high x 13.5 ``wide.
  3. Soft sided and hard sided transporters explicitly planned as pet transporters are adequate. 

Pet Airline requirements

  1. The Airline may contain two felines or canines and should be of similar species per Airline. 
  2. The feline or canine should be totally inside the pet transporter and the option to stand up and move around the transporter easily.
  3. Pets should be gotten in the transporter consistently while in the entryway palace,during loading up/deplaning, and they should stay in the flight for the whole length of the flight. 

How do I add my dog to my Southwest flight?

On southwest airlines, the dogs must be reserved by calling the Southwest Airlines reservation departments. You can call and add your dog to your booking. However, truth be told, the in-cabin openings are distributed on the first start things out served premise at the airport upon the arrival of your flight.

The representative will be guaranteed you the airline has circumstances where 7 pets are allowed in a flight and the southwest airlines allow the 6 in cabin transporters, yet that is little solace to a traveler, particularly as pet travel turns out to be more well known, and particularly during occasion travel. 

Southwest will attempt to call and inform you that six other animal people have checked in and will examine with you via telephone (or at the counter, assuming you just learn of your destiny then, at that point), what your choices are. yet would not venture to such an extreme as to say that you'd get a refund. You'll pay the pet charge, coincidentally, at the airport.

  1. Contact Reservations somewhere around 48 hours before moving.
  2. Permit additional registration time (somewhere around 2 hours and close to 4 hours before your flight)
  3. Complete the process with the representative.
  4. Give a wellbeing authentication.

By using the above details you can resolve the query How do I add my dog to my Southwest flight? Call the airline and add your dog to your booking. 

Frequently Asked Questions
What size dog can fly on Southwest?

What size dog can fly on Southwest?

Looking for the details of What size dog can fly on Southwest? Your pet transporter should have the option to fit under the seat before you. The pet (dog) transporters incorporate the southwest Airlines pet airlines  (17" long x 9.5" high x 10" wide), and other pet transporters with the greatest components of 18.5" long x 8.5" high x 13.5" wide. 

Southwest airlines are only permitted to take small vaccinated dogs with you in-cabin under your seat prior to you. All the dogs should be transported in fitting transporter, as shown underneath:

  1. The dogs are not permitted to go in-cabin on international flights or any schedule that incorporates an international flight. 
  2. The dogs will be taken on the basis of first-come, first-served until the limit is reached. 
  3. Dogs should be checked in at the airport ticket counter, but Customers can in any case get their ticket on the web, at curbside registration, the air terminal booth, or the ticket counter.

A dog that takes part in troublesome conduct might be denied boarding. Instances of troublesome conduct incorporate (yet are not restricted to):

  1. Scratching, extreme crying, or yelping
  2. Snarling, gnawing, rushing
  3. Peeing or crapping in the lodge or entryway region

Going with Pets: Security

When going through security, Customers will be approached to hold the pet and stroll through the screening gadget while the transporter is x-rayed. All pet transporters are liable to be looked at by the Transportation Security Administration.  

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