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Can I cancel My Porter Flight?

Can I cancel My Porter Flight?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the Porter Airlines flight according to the requirement and the official rules. The cancellation is only possible when your booking falls under the rules that are framed for any traveler. If you are willing to revoke your booking, the online method is the best one that can be used here.

You can easily use the cancellation process only by following the Porter Airlines Cancellations Policy. The rules that are given in this policy are given here for anyone to use and effectively revoke their booking. Whenever you desire to cancel your booking, then you can also connect with customer service to gain knowledge.


What is Porter Airlines' cancellation policy?

Going to cancel your flight and don’t have any idea about the flight cancellation? Then you must know about the flight cancellation policy because it is the best way to know the estimated cost of flight cancellation. If you want to know can I cancel my Porter flight, then you should go through the below instructions:

  • You can’t change or cancel your flight on Porter Airlines if you have purchased the basic fare tickets.
  • You can cancel your flight up to 1 hour before the scheduled departure if you have Standard, Flexible, or Freedom fare.
  • If a Porter flight has been canceled within 24 hours of booking, then you are not required to pay any cancellation fee.
  • Flight cancellation charges start from $40 that also depends on the type of your fare and the duration of cancellation.

How to cancel Porter Airlines flight?

Following the exact rules is the essence to cancel your flight and use the booking that you require for the booking. In this case, you should use the method that is given here to cancel your flight.


Methods 1:-


  • To start the cancellation process, visit the Porter Airlines website through the web browser you are using.
  • Now, click on the My Bookings option and enter the Confirmation Number with the Last Name of the passenger.
  • View your booking and make any modifications by entering into the manage section. Here, you should select the flight cancellation option.
  • After this, give the details about your Porter Airlines booking and provide the result. Now, you should act according to the instructions on the screen to move ahead.
  • Once you give all the details, move to the flight booking summary section and pay the cancellation fee.
  • With this, you will receive the confirmation of the flight cancellation at your registered email address.


If you wish to cancel your Porter flight, then you can very easily cancel it as per the cancellation policy or rules. If you are confused Are Porter flights cancelled today and how can I cancel them, then you can follow the below steps:-


Methods 2:-


  • First of all, you must be required to visit the official Porter Airlines website from your favorite browser.
  • Now you can click on the Manage Booking option available on the main page.
  • Now click on the My Bookings option and then a new page will open.
  • After that, you can enter the confirmation number and last name into the given field.
  • Now you can click on the View Itinerary tab to find your flight.
  • Now you can select your flight that you wish to cancel and then click on the Cancel flight tab.
  • After that, you can pay the cancellation fee if required and then follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your flight ticket.

Apart from this, you can also use the assistance of Porter airlines customer service to provide you with the details that you need. In this case, you will gain and enjoy access to the official live person and talk to him. As part of the second step, give the details about your booking and ask him to cancel your booking and allow you the flight refund on gaining the eligibility.


Porter Airlines Cancellations Policy


Schedule often change when any important work arrive that always affect some of the things and if you are travelling via air, then it might be a difficult thing due to the higher airfares and the only thing remains in front of you is flight cancellation. Airlines allow their passengers to cancel their flight tickets and if you have booked a flight with Porter Airlines, then you are also allowed to cancel your flight ticket. It is always a better option to check Porter Airlines cancellation policy before canceling a flight that can simply help you to know about the flight cancellation rules and restrictions.


When you cancel your booking, then you get confused due to low information about the official cancellation rules. To know these rules, it is imperative to know the flight cancellation policy of the airlines.


  • The cancellation rule of Porter Airlines allows you to reserve the flight within 24 hours of booking. This rule only applies when you cancel the booking made 7 days before the scheduled departure.
  • A passenger will gain a full refund when you cancel your booking within 24 hours. However, a cancellation fee is charged that ranges from $50-$115.
  • When airlines cancel the booking, then it provides a refund or any other compensatory measure to reward the passenger.
  • The preferred mode of canceling the flight is using the online system to cancel your flight to contacting the official support team to accomplish this.


What is Porter Airlines' cancellation fee?

Know about the cancellation fee of your particular airlines is always better that can help you to save lots of money. If you are thinking to cancel your Porter Airlines, then you should know about that through the below instructions:

  • You will need to pay $50 for the Flexible fare, and $100 for the Standard fare if you cancel a flight within 45 days of the scheduled departure.
  • If you cancel outside the 45 days, then you need to pay only $25 for the Standard fare whereas it’s free for the Flexible or Freedom fares.
  • Freedom fares are always free as you can cancel your flight whenever you want without paying any fee.


Porter Airlines Customer Service


With the help of the above-described Porter Airlines cancellation policy, you can easily cancel your flight ticket in a proper manner. If you still need any kind of assistance related to the cancellation policy or fee, then you should contact the customer service team of Porter Airlines. Apart from this, if you need any assistance, then use the Porter Airlines Customer Service to gain the extra details. You will gain the support team that is active 24/7/365 to lend a helping hand to you. This can be done by using the helpline number or live chat method.


FAQ: Porter Airlines Cancelled Flight

    Well, as per the airline provisions yes the traveler will be rebooked on the next available flight with no additional cost. And for the travelers who have offered a valid phone number or email id, they will be notified along with the rebooking details... Read More

    As per the airline guidelines, Porter Airlines cancel flight never happens to cut costs. Moreover, scheduling flights is dependent on various factors like the entire aircraft network, time availability of the crew members, and other multiple factors. Hence, cancellation of the flight ticket will be made considering the effect of the cancellation on both the airline operations and the travelers.

    For any reason, if the traveler needs to face Porter Airlines Cancellation, they will be notified regarding the same via the email id or phone number provided in the contact info.

    Moreover, most of the changes to the itinerary are informed to the travelers 30 minutes before the departure of the flight, But, in case of a last-minute cancellation, the traveler is offered an update at the boarding area or onboard.

    Well, such situations might be confusing but there are times when it is unsafe flying conditions that can lead to Porter Airlines Cancellation. Also, there are a few weather conditions when the poor weather conditions are not visible but safety is the utmost priority in such situations.

    Yes, the traveler can easily change their return flight that has a similar flight length. All one needs is to contact the customer service of the airline and manage their reservations in time.

    Under few situations, the traveler is entitled to compensation. But, for those wondering Can I cancel my Porter flight, they can reach out to the reservation department of the airline and seek assistance for the same accordingly.

    Also, one can even check for the eligibility for the compensation by visiting the official compensation page of the airline.

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