Can you chat with Lufthansa?

Lufthansa chat assistant ‘Elisa’ is available round the clock to address consumers' questions and queries concerning their Lufthansa flight booking. 

Passengers seeking help and support with their flight reservations can connect with the customer service support professional at the airline by visiting to connect with the digital assistant 'Elisa' for help with flight bookings.

Does Lufthansa have a chat?

Here is a step-by-step guide to connecting with someone at Lufthansa for help via digital chat assistance. Stick to the steps mentioned below and you will have support with your flight reservation: 

  • On your web browser, users need to visit the official Lufthansa website in order to access the digital chat platform. 

  • Scroll down on the homepage until you reach the bottom. Here you will find a customer services option. Select it and a drop-down menu will pop up on the screen.

  • Select the help and contact option from this menu to finally get access to the various contact options available at Lufthansa for support. 

  • A list of topics will open on another page, passengers can select any topic in order to connect with digital assistance. 

The list of topics for reaching the designated virtual support at Lufthansa are as follows: 

Frequently searched topics include 1. Often asked at the moment, 2. Corona, 3. Rebooking, Cancellation, and refund. 

Other topics include 1. Baggage, 2. Check-in, 3. Family and children, 4. Flight status, 5. Upgrades, 6. Passengers’. Receipts, 7. Health and accessibility, 8. Advance seat reservation. 

Can you chat with Lufthansa?

Travelers looking for custom-tailored assistance with their flight bookings can reach out to the service center at Lufthansa for help. You can connect with customer support professionals to eradicate your issues and problems. Travelers may face an increased waiting time at the service centers at Lufthansa owing to the call flow these days because of the Coronavirus situation. Nonetheless, chat support is highly active and less fuzzy when it comes to consumer support. 

Easy way to access chat support at Lufthansa: 

The Lufthansa website offers easy access to chat support for a number of things related to Lufthansa booking. You can simply select the chat box icon appearing on the homepage at the right-hand side at the bottom. This will connect you to a chatbot at the airline and passengers can select any appropriate option to get designated help from the concerned team or department at the airline. 

Apart from the chat option, passengers looking to provide their feedback or suggestions might refer to filling out the details on the feedback and contact form. Submit a duly filled form to get a response from the customer support team at Lufthansa. 

Lufthansa Mobile application. 

Download the latest version of the mobile application in order to access Lufthansa customer service at your fingertips. Travelers can connect with the support professionals at the airline via accessing the chat option from the app. It is a one-stop solution to every query. Connect in an instant and get your problems addressed by experts at the airline for better assistance. 

No wait time = no fuss and instant support. 

Does Chatbot offer quick solutions How do I talk to someone at Lufthansa?   The answer to this is a definite yes as the chatbot offers quick resolutions to problems faced by customers at Lufthansa. If you are finding it hard to contact a customer service executive at the airline, all you need to do is select chat support and receive help immediately from experts working at the airline. 

Also, the chat services function 24x7 offering better and all-around support to passengers who are stuck with queries, problems, or complications with their Lufthansa flight bookings. 

How do I contact Lufthansa for an emergency?

In case of an emergency, Lufthansa customers must reach out to the customer support executives by dialing the Emergency services number released by the airlines to offer emergency support to consumers. The service is quick and you are able to connect with a support professional immediately without having to deal with long queues over the call. Dial the Lufthansa phone number for emergency services and get fast solutions at a lighting rate at the airline for flight-related support. 

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