Can You Fly If You Have Autism?

Surely you can. Autism cannot stop a person from flying; instead, it requires little preparation before your scheduled journey time. People who have autism usually look the same as perfectly normal people. But they do not possess the same qualities in terms of their behavioral or mental activities. Autism shouldn't be a hindrance while flying as they have full rights to travel anywhere at any point.

Here are some of the major tips to keep in mind if a person having autism is planning their journey via flight:

  1. If you're a parent and traveling with your child who has autism then, try to remind the child at least a week before that they have to fly. Make up a story, telling your kid about the air journey scenario.
  2. Make sure not to touch or redo any of the comfort things that your child has before going on a flight. 
  3. You can ask the airline to provide you with a special pass so that you can go along with the person having autism. You can help them throughout the check-in process and drop them till the end pass.
  4. Practice well in advance to maintain your behavior in front of officials and securities.
  5. Visit the airport well before the time and inform the airport staff regarding your situation so that they can assist you accordingly.

Above mentioned points are some of the tips that you should remember when traveling with someone having autism. Although this would not stop anyone from traveling, there are some certain behavioral activities that might disturb the airport staff, so be well prepared in advance. 

Does autism count as a disability?

YES, autism count as a disability, but that does not mean a person with autism cannot lead a normal life. Autism affects the individual's behavioral activities and thinking process. Autistic people find it challenging to communicate, think, plan, or learn anything. They may require more time than an average person. Airlines have a disability assistance team who help throughout the process at the airport to the persons having any kind of disability. The team is well trained and handles cases like autism with care or comfort. Travelling could sometimes be tough for a person with autism as they see a sudden change in the routine, which might disturb their mental state.

Autism has stages that could refer from ordinary to severe, and cases are handled accordingly. All the staff at the airport could be suspicious if they are unaware of the fact that the person might be acting differently because of autism. So better go to the airport with the required documents to prove that you are suffering from any disability. Autism could be by birth or develop at a late stage also at any point of age. Abnormalities that take place in autism are also influenced by environmental factors that disrupt normal brain formative processes.

Other than the information mentioned in this article, if you need to know more, do not hesitate to reach out to the customer support team of any particular airlines you're traveling with to answer your questions. 

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