Can You Get a Refund From Last Minute.Com?

Do you want to know if will give you a refund? is an online travel service that offers customers a range of options for planning a trip. The website obtains "excess inventory," often known as unsold airline seats, theatre tickets, or hotel rooms, and sells them for a discount on the internet. When you found a product you want, on last minute’s website they will show you all of the facts about it, along with the total cost. If a customer needs to cancel a service that they have booked with due to an unforeseen circumstance, they provide a refund in return. Can you get a refund from last minute com? If you're wondering whether or not you can get a refund from for an unused service, you'll find the information you need below.

Find out if you can get a refund from

If you're unsure whether or not you can get your refund from, this page will provide you with the necessary information. You may be eligible for a refund if you follow certain conditions set out by Please see the information below to learn more about the refund policy and how can you get a refund from last minute.

Know the refund policy:

  1. Refunds are provided for the unused vouchers that are purchased directly from which is inside of 14 days from original purchase.
  2. According to the company's policy, (805) 626-7010 no refunds can be given after the booking is already made by person with experience provider.
  3. Refunds may only be provided to the original buyer, and the money is transferred straight to the actual form of payment that is used by the person.
  4. No refunds are provided for the extended, exchange, or expired vouchers by the
  5. For hygienic concerns, physical presents such as customized products, perishable goods, and jewelery cannot be refunded.
  6. A voucher bought from a retailer or any other reseller is subject to that retailer's refund policy, and any questions should be directed to that store. can't give you a refund if you bought something from a store or another reseller.
  7. Prizes from competitions or promotional freebies are not refundable.

How to request a refund:

  1. To request a refund from, submit your voucher together with a covering message outlining your reason for doing so to the company's customer service email address.
  2. You may also call customer service phone number to speak with a representative about requesting a refund for your unused voucher.

You may learn about the rules based on which you can get a refund from using the information provided in the previous section, as well as how to request one. In addition, if you have any questions regarding the service offered by them, you can get in touch with the customer service department to obtain information about a product or service you are interested in purchasing. Or you can also contact for assistance with any query after you have already bought something.

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