What happens if you Cancel a Southwest Wanna Get Away Flight?

Southwest airlines are the best option for all travelers who are on a budget. It is a popular option among the passengers owing to the low fares and the best in class amenities offered by the airlines. 

Today in this paper we are going to cover the details regarding cancellations and you will get answers to what happens when you cancel a Southwest wanna getaway flight. To know more follow until the end and you are good to go. 

Southwest airlines offer avenues for cancellations and refunds against the flight reservation made with Southwest Airlines. There are multiple things that are related to Southwest cancellations and one must have hold of the inclusions and the guidelines that are related to Southwest flights and reservations. All you need to do is get accustomed to it and you will understand the entire thing associated with cancellations and refunds as far as Southwest airlines are concerned.

  1. With Southwest Airlines, if you make reservations for a non-refundable fare, in that case, the passengers would receive a travel fund upon cancellation of flights reserved with Southwest Airlines. 
  2. The passengers could utilise the travel fund like store credit for making future reservations with Southwest Airlines.
  3. The travel funds could be utilised by making reservations on the website or on the Southwest application. 

Before jumping on to the cancellations related to ‘Wanna getaway flights’, let us have a look at What is included in Southwest wanna getaway?

What is included in Southwest wanna Getaway?

There are n-number of benefits associated with Southwest wanna getaway flights. The inclusions of the ‘Wanna getaway flights’ are listed down under:

  1. The wanna getaway flights offer fan-favourite benefits that include baggage allowance. The passengers get to take with them two bags for free however the restrictions related to dimensions and size applies to the bags. 
  2. With ‘Wanna getaway flights’ the passengers also get to take with them one to two carry-on items. 
  3. Along with the baggage allowance, the ‘Wanna getaway flights’ also ensure that the passengers do not have to pay the change fees. 
  4. The flights that are booked with the ‘wanna get away flights’ option, the passengers get to have complimentary in-flight entertainment. Along with this, the passengers also get to have a hold of the seats without any charges. 

Can I Cancel Southwest Wanna Get Away flights?

  1. In case you opt for cancellations of the non-refundable or the ‘wanna get away flight’, then in that case if you opt for cancellations within 24 hours from making the initial reservation, you will get an entire refund against the cancellation made by you. 
  2. There are provisions of having a travel credit for the non-refundable flights and the ‘Wanna getaway flights. And this could be used later for future reservations with the Southwest Airlines

Can you Get a Refund on Wanna Get Away flights?

  1. Yes, the Southwest Airlines offer avenues to the passengers to grab refunds on the wanna get away flights on condition that the flights are cancelled within 24 hours from making the initial reservations.

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