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What Do I Do If My Delta Airlines Flight Is Delayed?

What TO Do If My Delta Airlines Flight Is Delayed?


Are you waiting for the Delta Airlines flight for more than 5 hours? If so, you’re facing a situation in which your Delta flight is delayed causing you inconvenience. In this case, you as a passenger have several rights. These rights are provided by the airline itself to give your certain flexibilities. Delaying of the flights is something which every big airline wants to avert. Many passengers who face suck delaying activities need to understand that they can put various rules into practice that were made for them.

Are you wondering what you can do if your Delta flight delays? Follow the rules for every passenger to take various actions while using these rules. Below are the things which you can use to tackle this situation:


Rebook Your Flight

In the scenario, the option to rebook your Delta flight is easy for any person to achieve. This rebooking allows you to book the Delta Airlines flight within the expiry period of your booking.


  • Visit Delta Airlines My Trips webpage.
  • Enter the booking details and log into your account.
  • Start the rebooking process and complete it through credit points.


Get The Booking Refund

Delta also offers you the facility to gain a refund for your booking of the Delta Airlines flight. In this case, you should follow the steps that are given below to request the refund:


  • Launch the Delta Airlines website and open the refund form.
  • Enter the booking and contact information in the mandatory fields.
  • Click on the submit button and gain the refund after a few days.


Wait For Another Flight

Apart from rebooking and refund, you can also select the option to reserve a seat on another flight. In this condition, the following rules should be followed by you:


  • The new booking should be of the same destinations as before.
  • No modification is allowed in the fare class of the new booking.
  • Rest in the free hotel and rental cars provided by the airline till new flight,


Does Delta Reimburse For Delayed Flights?

Yes, Delta Airlines reimburse every person for those flights which are delayed. This reimbursement is given either in monetary form or in the free rebooking option. However, there are some strings attached to the later facility. Here, the new booking must be as per the booking details of your old flight. Not a single penny is charged to the passenger by the airline and provides free accommodation till the new flight arrives.


Can I Get Compensation For A Delayed Flight?


Delta Airline is bounded as per the rules in which it allows every passenger to receive compensation for the flight delay event. The compensation is provided in terms of money or a free rebooking option. The compensation is given to indemnify only when the flight delays for 5 or more hours. The amount of the compensation varies around $300 to $700 and given as per the distance which their flight is going to cover.


Various passengers often remain puzzled due to the flight delay issue. Here, they always think about the problem of What Do I Do If My Delta Airlines Flight Is Delayed. This situation always baffles and compels them to get in touch with the customer service team of Delta airlines. In this case, you will obtain the official details regarding the vital DOs and DONTs of the Delta flight delay situation.

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