How to get a free checked bag with Delta


Flying with checked baggage can be tricky sometimes. It can actually affect the overall budget of your travel plans in many ways. In fact, it is quite important to consider all the aspects of getting checked baggage and make the best of your travel plans. When it comes to Delta Airlines, the airline’s baggage guidelines of checked baggage, they can be pretty different when seen from another context as infrequent flier membership levels, credit cards, and destinations, etc.

So, if you have been wondering Do I get a free checked bag with Delta, then you can read further, and get to know about various aspects of getting free checked baggage.


How much does Delta charge for a checked bag 


Baggage Charges On Checked Baggage: Delta Airlines


Delta Airlines allows a total of 62 inches (L+W+H) checked baggage that must not exceed more than 70 lbs. This applies to all of the Delta passenger except for active military personals (and traveling on military orders), and for First Class, Delta Premium Select and Delta One members. The members are entitled to 2 free, 70-pound checked bags.


Moreover, here’s’ an overview of How much does Delta charges for a checked bag when traveling in different countries.


  • For travelling to the U.S, Canada, Caribbean, Mexico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Central America, Guyana & Bermuda from U.S & Canada, the airline charges $30 on its 1st bag & $40-$55 on 2nd bag.
  • There’s no baggage fee for passengers travelling from U.S, Mexico, Canada, Colombia to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Egypt, etc., South America (except Guyana), India on both 1st & 2nd baggage.


Moreover, you can also consult with the Delta customer services for checked baggage fees for your preferred destinations.


How One Can Avoid Paying Baggage Fees On Delta


Well, Delta Airlines makes exceptions for various passengers and under certain situations. If you have been wondering How can I avoid paying baggage fees on Delta, then here’s what you need to know.


  • Delta Airlines allows the U.S Military personnel who are either active or travelling on military orders to carry charge-free 1st and 2nd baggage for up to 50 pounds. However, if the personnel are traveling in First Class, Delta Premium Select or Delta One, then he/she will be allowed to carry 3 checked bags (up to 70 lbs. in total) without any baggage fees. Also, if an active duty military person is traveling on military orders, then he/she can carry a maximum weight of 100 lbs./per bag (up to 5 bags) without paying the baggage fees.
  • Secondly, if you have the Delta Medallion Status, then you can carry 1st checked bag without any fee, regardless of fare class. Besides, this is also applicable on up to 8 members traveling on a Delta-operated flights through the Medallion status.
  • If you’re a cardholder on Delta Airlines, then also you can enjoy the perks of carrying your 1st checked bag free under 50 pounds. 


How Many Free Checked Bags Does Delta Allow


The following numbers of free bags are allowed to carry (up-to 70 lbs.) in the Basic Economy, Main Cabin or Delta Comfort+ (within the U.S. &Canada) for the following Delta Medallion members.


  • Silver Medallion Member: 1
  • Gold Medallion Member: 2
  • Platinum & Diamond Medallion Members: 3


How much does Delta charge for a checked bag?


For international destinations, all the Medallion Status members can carry 1 additional free checked bag over standard checked baggage (up to 50 lbs. each-way), in Basic Economy, Main Cabin or Delta Comfort+ cabins.

Moreover, you can also consult with the airline’s customer services on How much does Delta charge for a checked bag, guidelines, etc.

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