Does AeroMexico Offer Senior Discounts?

AeroMexico Airlines has given great service to the passengers, because of which it has developed a great reputation in the market of Airlines. AeroMexico is having many loyal customers, and the reason behind that is, the faith of the customers in this Airline. AeroMexico provides safety, comfort, and all the other necessities for the customers like entertainment through audio or video. However, the most important reason behind the success of this airline is the customer-centric approach of the Airlines, towards the customers. 

So, if in case you have a query, does AeroMexico offer senior discount or not? Then it is important for you to know, that it doesn’t offer discounts to senior citizens. 

However, you can avail of some great offers which AeroMexico provides to its customers. You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps. 

Steps to get discounts with AeroMexico Airlines by becoming a member of “Club Premier”:

  1. Open the official website of AeroMexico Airlines. 
  2. Once you’re on the website, you’ll see the option of “Club Premier”. 
  3. Click on that option. On the new page, you’ll click on “Sign up Now”.
  4. Once you’ll tap on that option, you’ll be directed on a new page, where you would need to fill in your details like First name, last name, email address, DOB, telephone number. 
  5. Once you have filled up your details, you just need to click on the “Create your account” option. 
  6. After becoming a member, you would just need to enter your membership number, and you’ll be easily able to book the flight. 
  7. If in case you have any points from your banks, department store or hotels then you just need to collect all those points and convert them into Club premier points. 
  8. In the same manner, you can even, take the membership of “Corporate Premier Club”. 
  9. In the corporate account, your company would be collecting the premier points. 

Offer for American Express AeroMexico cardholders: 

In case you want more discount on your AeroMexico Airlines flight, then you just need to purchase the American express AeroMexico card. Every time you’ll be using it, you’ll be adding more points in your account. So, at the time of the booking of the flight, you’ll get the discount you’re looking for. That is how easy it is to get discounts with AeroMexico Airlines.

So next time if you’ll have a query that, “What discounts are available for seniors?”. Then you just need to avail these great offers. 

Benefits for American Express AeroMexico cardholders:

  1. One of the main benefits is that you’ll be getting some services on top priority at the time of check-in or at the time when you’re documenting your luggage. 
  2. You might have paid for the additional baggage service in the other flights. However, if you’re the cardholder of American Express AeroMexico, then you just need to share that information and you’ll be getting the free benefit of additional baggage without paying any kind of cost. 
  3. Waiting at the Airport is something which nobody like. In case you’re thinking about the long waits at the airport, then you don’t need to worry, because as an American Express AeroMexico cardholder, you’ll be getting the excess to premier lounges. 
  4. The other benefit of being an American Express AeroMexico cardholder is that you’ll be getting the award tickets per anniversary. 

More benefits: 

  • If you book a car with AeroMexico then you’ll be getting a discount of around 50%. Isn’t it fantastic?

Orlando trip:

  1. In case you’re planning for a trip to Orlando, then you would just need to make your trip through AeroMexico and you will be getting some great and special offers. 
  2. There are many special promotion offers, which are available only when you make your booking from AeroMexico Airlines. 
  3. Few things AeroMexico Airlines has kept very simple and easy for its customers. For example - if you want to get the discount at ICON Park, then you just need to show your AeroMexico boarding pass and you’ll be getting the discount. Isn’t it very simple? 
  4. You can visit around 150 stores and there you will be getting the special treatment which you’re looking for. 

I hope the above-mentioned steps and information gave a solution to your query. For any further information, you can contact AeroMexico customer service.

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