Does Allegiant Measure Pet Carriers?

Allegiant Airlines is known for their care and support towards its passengers and their luggage. This airline has been giving good quality customer service for a very long time and that is the reason they have so many loyal customers. If you have made a choice of traveling in Allegiant  flights, then rest assured because your comfort, entertainment (videos, audio etc), safety, and value for money policies are going to be completely taken care by them.

However, your journey is not only about you but it is also about your loved ones. Your loved ones, does not only mean humans, but it also means your pets. 

That is the reason this airline has made some policies that are completely pet-friendly. So if you’re thinking that, “Does Allegiant measure pet carriers?”, then below you’ll get all the answers. To get the complete information about the pet-friendly policy of Allegiant Airlines, you just need to go through the information mentioned below and, after that, you can book your flight without any second thought. 

Allegiant Policies Regarding Pet:

  1. Pets are allowed in the cabin.
  2. You need to make sure that you have a domestic dogs or cats only. Any other kind of animal is not allowed on the flight. 
  3. Allegiant Airline is compassionate towards your pets, that is the reason they suggest you in their policy to carry your pet in a soft and leak proof carrier. 
  4. Measurement - 9”Height, 16”Width and 19” Depth. You would need to make sure that the dimension of the carrier does not exceed this limit. Only then the carrier is going to be allowed in the flight. 
  5. In one carrier maximum of two pets are going to be allowed. 
  6. A charge of 50 Dollars per segment per carrier will be taken only then you’ll be able to carry your pet or pets in the flight. 
  7. Per passenger, you will be allowed only one carrier. That means maximum of two pets can be carried by a passenger. 
  8. You would need to make sure that your pet has attained the age of at least 8 weeks only then it’ll be allowed on the flight. 
  9. When you’re at the airport and even at the flight then you need to make sure that your pet does not gets out of the carrier, as it is not allowed. Till the time you don’t reach your destination, you would need to make sure that it remains inside the carrier. 
  10. Your carrier would need to be stowed on the floor when the flight takes off and even at the time of landing. 
  11. While carrying your animal you would need to respect the comfort of other passenger too. So make sure your pet is completely harmless and even odorless. 
  12. Your pet should not be in any kind of physical distress. That can cause nuisance. 
  13. Make sure that your pet is easily able to fit in the carrier, because that can cause injuries to your pet. 
  14. You won’t require a health certificate regarding your pet. 

I hope the above-mentioned policies have cleared your doubt regarding carrying your pet in the Allegiant Airlines. Now you won’t need to think twice before making a travel plan with your pet. For any further query you just need to dial Allegiant air phone number. Have a nice flight.

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