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Does American Airlines Allow Name Changes?

Does American Airlines Allow Name Changes?

American Airlines is one of the major airlines which believes in providing widespread connectivity with an added advantage of extra comfort to all of its customers. It connects almost every inch of the world and is known for the excellent services it provides. Apart from being an excellent service provider, it is also known for being one of the best airlines which thinks about the convenience of the customers and makes policies accordingly.

Supposedly if you were making a reservation with American Airlines and by mistake you ended up entering the wrong spelling for your name, no worries it has created measures for a situation like this as well. American Airlines name change can be easily done with the help of the below mentioned points and you can have a crystal clear idea about how the policy of name change works with American Airlines.

Before getting the idea about how to change a name or in what all circumstances you can change the name, you must have an idea about the restrictions first. If you’ll have an idea about the restrictions, you can know whether or not you are applicable for a name change in a particular situation and for a smooth running of the business.

The below mentioned points will help you in getting a better understanding for the name corrections restrictions with American Airlines.

Restrictions- The restrictions to name corrections are made in such a way that the group has been divided into two parts;

  1. Minor Changes.
  2. Major Changes.

Minor name change

  • Name changes cannot be made within the time span of 24 hours as in that time slot everything is under the airport authority and making changes might act as a risk to any situation.
  • You cannot make any flights or date changes at the same time.
  • There’s no such thing as name change fee.
  • The Date of Birth and the Gender cannot be changed on the ticket.

Major name change

The major name changes and minor name changes are almost the same, the only difference between them is that you’ll have to issue a new PNR with the same set of details with Major name changes.

Therefore, with the help of the above mentioned steps one can easily get an idea about the  Name Correction Restrictions - American Airlines.

Name change fee with American Airlines

The fees for name changes on American Airlines are decided on the basis of the type of change being made. As mentioned above, American Airlines name change has been divided into divisions so that the criteria's are met perfectly.

  • If you want to make some minor name changes, it will come under the Minor name change department through which you can easily make the name changes without paying any fees.
  • If you have to make some major changes, which will come under the Major changes division the expenditure on that will vary accordingly for the same.

Therefore, the above mentioned points will help you in getting a better understanding of the topic of how does American Airlines Offers Free Name Changes and under what all criteria's is it applicable.

How can I change my name on American Airlines?

If you wish to change your name on American airlines you can easily do so by contacting the team of customer service department but for that you’ll have to keep certain points in mind. The points which needs to be kept in mind are as follows;

  • The name change cannot be made in the time span of 24 hours before the flight.
  • If there’s security check going, they can even pause the name changes 72 hours prior to that of the booking.
  • Only minor changes can be made without paying any penalty or without undergoing a long procedure.
  • If you wish to make major changes, you'll have to pay an amount to make the changes and have to continue with a new PNR with the same set of details according to your previous ticket.

Thus the above mentioned topic will give you a crystal clear understanding of the topic of name change with American Airlines, how it works, what are its restrictions and how you can do it in a hassle free manner without going a long undergoing procedure.

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