Does American Airlines Charge For Phone Reservations?

American is an outstanding airline that has an operational area that is wide enough to cover the major part of the globe. It is allowing its passengers to reserve in its world-class flights through various mediums. Among all, the most useful one is reservation via phone in which a traveler gets a chance to reserve through assistance. American charge a specific fee for this service. Here, a passenger needs to pay $25 for domestic and $35 for international flights. This payment should be made in addition to the flight booking amount. Now, let’s look at the official process which you can use here to reserve the American flights.

How To Reserve American Airlines Via Phone?

Using a phone number to book AA flights is an easy task which anyone can achieve. Following is the actual process which you can use to make American Airline flights over the phone.

  1. Launch the American Airlines website by using the internet browser which you are using.
  2. Select the Contact American link to open the support web page of AA.
  3. Choose the Calling option and click on the reservation and ticket change link.
  4. Select the region where you require assistance in the flight reservation process.
  5. Quickly, select the specific country and obtain the phone number assigned for it.
  6. Make use of that phone number to get in touch with the official AA live person.
  7. Ask a live person to reserve a ticket for you and initiate the flight reservation process.
  8. Give details of the flights and travel schedule according to your travel requirement.
  9. Enquire the customer service live person about the availability of the flights.
  10. Select one of them and revert to a live person with all the mandatory details about the passenger.
  11. Request to go to the payment stage and gain details of the flight reservation details.

Pay the price to reserve the flights including a fee to use phone number service. However, a few of the passengers still don’t know about the American Airlines Reservations process. These passengers should read the vital points which are discussed here. They are recommended to make the reservation even through the online process.

American Airline Phone Reservations Rules

Whenever a customer chooses to reserve the AA flights through its phone number, then he needs to follow some of the crucial rules. These rules are made by AA especially for the use of American Airlines Phone Number for flight booking. You need to have all information about these rules to complete the flight reservation by phone.

  1. Booking through the phone call of AA flights are subject to a service charge which every customer needs to provide.
  2. Most of the calls which you make to book AA flight are toll-free but this doesn’t apply to all its flights.
  3. Booking via phone is only possible when the representative of American Airline is available for the work.
  4. Choose up to 7 languages in which you can gain assistance to reserve American flights.
  5. Travelers who are hearing or speech impaired can also use this telephone number to reserve their flights.
  6. You can use a phone reservation to book any kind of travel or ticket type for your air journey.

You can also use the official American Airlines app for making the flight reservation through its phone number. Irrespective of the mode which you select, American Airlines Customer Service always remains on its toes to help all the users with their travel expertise. It is also possible to contact their support team by using its helpline number and talk to a customer service representative. Apart from this, you can also use other methods to contact AA support and gain more details about booking through the phone.

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