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Does Lufthansa Let You Choose Seats?

Does Lufthansa Let You Choose Seats?

One can experience the best flight only when they got their favorite seats. Yes in airline seats plays an imperative role in uplifting the overall experience. The fact is that many people do not get a good seat while flying. You must be wondering, Does Lufthansa let you choose seats? Lufthansa comes with unique features that help the person to get the seat of their own choice. 

Now, many of you might not be aware of it; if not, then you can go with the below-mentioned points. 

How To Choose Seats with Lufthansa Airlines?

It is quite easy to choose a seat with Lufthansa airlines. You have to run some online steps mentioned below. 

  1. First of all, go to the official webpage. 
  2. Here you can get the bookings that you have currently done. 
  3. Now, you can select the seat only during the check-in period. To make the overall process easy, now the person can do the check-in online. Though the timing may vary, and that relies on the destination. In most cases, windows for check-in open 4 hours before the departure. 
  4. Next, you can see the booking, and to open it,, you have to use the confirmation number and name or use the credit card number. 
  5. Further, you can go with the “check-in” option, and here you have to provide the details. It considers ID, acceptable forms of ID, cards and have to answer a few questions. 
  6. Next, you can see the cabin layout. It will depend on the type of traveling and class. If you have chosen the business class or first class, then you will provide the seat layout. 
  7. With this, you can click on the seats. Here make sure you put the choice of your, and if you choose a random one, then you might find it hard to get the seat of your choice. If you need extra space for the leg then you can go with the front row, and in this way, you can select 
  8. That seat that was already booked will be shown in different colors to easily identify them and choose some other seat. 
  9. You can select the seat in a given period of time. And even when you do this, make sure you are selecting for all in case of a group booking. When you choose a seat, you cannot modify it. 
  10. Now, here you put the preferences, and now airlines will try their best to give you the seat of your choice. Though, it may happen that you can get better or not one that you have expected. 

You can see in this way you can choose or mention the preference of your seat. Though, during peak season, you might find it hard to get the seat of your choice. Even you can purchase the seat before you fly, all you need to contact the support person through Lufthansa airlines contact numberYou have to mention the details like the number of people, destination, origin, and mention your choice. Once you make payment, the seat is yours, and you can enjoy a wonderful journey. 

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