Does Southwest cancel flights?

Yes, Southwest airlines do cancel flights in unwanted circumstances. Generally, the airline is known for its timely and uninterrupted services. There are conditions like bad weather, climate change, technical issues, etc., when the airline has to cancel the flight. However, if it happens, Southwest air customer service always informs you before departure. The airline comes up with all possible alternate options like rebooking, travel funds, and refunds. You can choose any of these as per your choices and interest.

Will Southwest notify me if my flight is Cancelled?

Yes, Southwest Airlines always let you know in advance when canceling or changing the flight. The airline can inform you by calling, email, text message, etc. So it is recommended that you keep checking your emails phones to avoid missing the notification.

How far in advance does Southwest cancel flights?

There is no fixed time; it depends on the situation. In case of climate changes, it's unpredictable, so the airline might also inform you on the same day. If the cancellation is planned, the airline might also inform you 10-12 days before. If the airline cancels your flight, it allows you to rebook a flight, provide travel funds, a full refund, etc. You can get in touch with southwest customer service directly in all situations.

How do I reschedule a Cancelled flight on Southwest?

If airlines cancel your flight, they notify you before departure. When airlines cancel your flight, you get rebooking, travel funds, refund, and voucher options. 

However, if you wish to reschedule the flight, you can directly call the airline or reschedule your flight online. Here is the process you can follow if you don't know about the rescheduling procedure.


  • To reschedule your flight online, you can go to the southwest official website. 

  • There you can log in to your account or visit the manage booking section

  • Provide the credential or confirmation number, first name, and last name to retrieve bookings

  • Select the booking you want to reschedule 

  • Make new flight date selection and other details

  • Save the changes, and confirm the rebooking 

  • The airline sends you a confirmation email for new booking details. 

Other options 

Travel funds: If you wish to travel to a later date, you can also request the airline to provide your travel funds instead. You can use the travel funds up to 12 months from departure. The airline transfers the travel funds to your early bird account, which you can access anytime when booking.

Refund:- You can also request the airline to provide you a full refund if you don't wish to travel. You can speak to the airline to process the refund, and just for reference, even non-refundable tickets are applicable for a refund if airlines cancel your flight.

Does Southwest extend travel funds?

No, Southwest never extends the travel funds expiration date. The best you can do is wait until your travel funds expire and then call Southwest air customer service and request them to re-issue you a LUV voucher.

You can also speak to the customer support team of Southwest Airlines and then request them to extend the date. It may happen that your travel funds don't get extended, but the support team may come up with some best ideas and suggestions.

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