Does Spirit Airlines Keep Your Money When You Switch To a Cheaper Flight?

Are you seeking for information on what happens when you switch to a cheaper Spirit Airlines flight, such as if they keep your money or return it? Many times, a person may need to change a ticket with Spirit Airlines for various reasons, and the new flight may be cheaper than the one they originally booked. People may be apprehensive about switching to a cheaper flight because they are unsure whether Spirit Airlines would keep the additional money or return it to them in some way. You can learn more about Spirit Airlines, if they will keep your money if you move to a cheaper flight by looking over the information provided below.

Will Spirit Airlines be keeping your money if you switch to a cheaper flight?

Does Spirit Airlines keep your money when you switch to a cheaper flight? This question may arise in the minds of many individuals, and they will need to be informed about it. By reading the points below, you can learn exactly what Spirit Airlines do when a passenger switches to a cheaper flight.

  1. According to Spirit Airlines, if a traveler switches to a cheaper flight, the difference in price between the new and original fares is returned to them in the form of a future credit that must be utilized within 60 days.
  2. However, in order for a credit to be given by Spirit Airlines, the cost of the cheaper flight the traveler has switched must decrease more than modification fee.
  3. Spirit Airlines charges $90 to change a flight online, whereas switching a flight offline costs $100.

How can you switch flights if you're flying with Sprit Airlines?

Passengers on Spirit Airlines have the option of switching to another flight if they need to modify their itinerary due to unforeseen circumstances. You may either call Spirit Airlines phone number or do it online through the company's website to change your flight. Please follow the instructions below to discover how to switch to another flight on Spirit Airlines website.

  1. Go to Spirit Airlines official website in your browser.
  2. After that, you should go to My Trips tab and select the option.
  3. Then, you must enter the last name of the traveler in the appropriate area.
  4. Next press continue button after entering your Booking code in the required field.
  5. After that, the screen will show you all the Spirit Airlines bookings you've made.
  6. You may now go to the exact flight to which you must switch.
  7. Following that, you must choose the necessary adjustments to make to your flight.
  8. Then select a new flight that meets your requirements and pay the additional cost for changing your itinerary.
  9. Following that, Spirit Airlines will provide you information on your new flight as well as pay any differences for a price drop.

Additionally, you may contact Spirit Airlines customer service if you are intending to change your flight and want assistance with the process. At the same time, from the section above, you can learn more about Spirit Airline's regulations for when a passenger switches to a cheaper flight and whether they keep or return their money.


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