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El al is the flag carrier of Israel operates scheduled flights to over 50 destinations from its main base of Ben Gurion airport. El al is renowned for providing supreme quality hospitality to their passenger by offering streaming iPads and smart phone by El Al app to enjoy during the journey. At instance, if there is layover of about an hour at the airport, you can rest over a while at King David Lounge where you can access free Wi-Fi internet, eat sumptuous meals and enjoy drink by reading your favorite article in the newspaper, so it’s time to rise above the complexity of el al Israel airlines reservations by using a quick resource or guide mentioned below to initiate the booking process.

How do I book seats on El Al?

Reservations can be made up to 24 hours before the flight through the EL AL website, the EL AL Telephone Service Center or through travel agents. Matmid members holding FLY CARD PREMIUM credit cards. receive an Economy Seat PLUS free of charge.

El Al Israel Airlines Reservations Process

Quick steps to start the reservation process

  1. In the initial stage, first head-in to the Homepage of El Al reservation process.
  2. In the next step, you have to give the details of the departure airport and the destination airport or city.
  3. Further, you give the details of the departure date and the return date.
  4. In addition, you have to add the number of passengers.
  5. Concurrently, you have to tap on the arrow indicating in the right direction.
  6. Later, you got the repository of the flights with prices.
  7. Pick best of the list and start initiating the booking process.
  8. In the next step, you are required to fill the details of the passenger.
  9. Now you can initiate the payment process to get the confirmation of the ticket via mail.

Cross-check the mail to get the confirmation of your flight booking. Even after making the confirm reservation of your booking, if you got engaged somewhere in between or before the scheduled departure of the flight, in that case, we must have the suitable approach to manage the booking either for cancelling or changing the flight depends upon the situation you are dealing with. Let’s start the el al Israel manage booking process by jumping through few hoops.

El Al Israel Airlines Manage Booking

Points to remember to start the manage booking process

  1. In the initial stage, you head in to the official website of El Al airlines.
  2. Next move, you give the details of the passenger last name and the booking reference number.
  3. Now you retrieve your itinerary booking details.
  4. Now you become able to do modification in your flight booking either of canceling or the flight change.
  5. Make changes and confirm the same.
  6. At the end, you will receive a mail of the changes you do.

Here you finally able to modify your booking by using the extensive feature of manage booking on the website. But in case you found the above steps not a good fit, Customer support resource available for you 24×7 a day, 5 days a week and 365 days a year. 

Let’s See How El Al Customer Service Helps?

  1. Inquire for the reservation process.
  2. You may ask for the boarding pass.
  3. Lounge access.
  4. Baggage and Refund policy.
  5. Discount offers and deals.
  6. Check-in process.
  7. Benefits for frequent flyer program.

Finally, you have come across the simple approach to start the booking process and manage booking. Read carefully all the above aspects to connect live with the customer support team of El al airlines to share your concern. As aside, you can ring over the mentioned phone number of the el al customer service expertise to get your query resolved.

El Al airlines value or maintain the trust of their passengers by giving them no reason to complain about their services. Stay tuned with the latest offers and deals Offered by the airline to travel in a less budget.

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