Etihad Airways Cancellation Policy

Etihad Airways is the second-largest airline in the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways cancellation policy allows an easy cancellation, however, passengers need to know all these things.

  1. If the cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking and at least 7 days prior to the scheduled departure date and time then the passengers can receive a full. However, after confirming the cancellation, the process cannot be reversed.
  2. Before cancellation, passengers need to make sure that their tickets are refundable, haven’t been used or exchanged. The tickets also need to be purchased using a single credit card and issued more than 5 days ago.
  3. Passengers cannot cancel tickets if there are less than 2 hours remaining for the departure. If a passenger cancels the ticket within 96 hours of the departure then an additional 10% will be applied to the applicable cancellation fee.
  4. The refund amount depends on the fare rules applicable to the ticket at the time of booking. However, Etihad non-refundable ticket cancellation is not applicable for refund.
  5. The Refunds will be credited to the same credit card that was used for the purchase of the ticket. The refund can take 14 to 30 working days to be processed and show in the cardholder’s card/bank statement.
  6. The booking fee for Ancillaries and Global Service is non-refundable.
  7. A Guest Service Fee (GSF) is applicable when the refund is made through Etihad Contact Centre or Etihad’s local offices.
  8. In case of the death of a passenger or an immediate family member, the refund fee will be waived. But official documentation will be required.
  9. In case the airline cancels a flight then you are entitled to receive an Etihad cancelled flight compensation of €uro 400 (for all flights of 3,500km or less) or €uro 600 (all flights of more than 3,500km).
  10. The compensation is reduced by 50% if the airline re-route passenger on an alternative flight and the arrival time of the re-routed flight does not exceed the arrival time of the scheduled flight by three hours(for all flights of 3,500km or less) or by four hours (for all flights of more than 3,500km).

How much is the cancellation fee for Etihad Airways?

Etihad airways ticket cancellation procedure is designed to be very simple and convenient for the customers. In case of any change or cancellation within 96 hours of the flight being set to take off, an additional 10% of the ticket cost would be deducted as cancellation fee.
How much does it cost to change a flight?
Airline Award change fee Refund / redeposit fee
Etihad $27 (you cannot change the destination) (805) 626-7010 10% of the miles spent
Iberia $40 $40
JetBlue $0 $0
Singapore Airlines $25 for Singapore Airlines flights $50 for Partner airline flights $75

Etihad is undoubtedly one of the best Airlines you can come across. Mainly because of the customer-friendly policies they have made. You only need to ensure that you have selected the right directions to make the changes you want to make. And you're also aware of the policies. So, if you're planning to cancel the ticket, you would need to know the procedure and the policy both. After that, you only need to get on the official website of Etihad Airways, and then your query will be quickly resolved. 

Procedure for the cancellation of Etihad Airways:

Before canceling the reservation, you must know the Etihad cancellation policy. After that, you'll be easily able to cancel without getting charged by the cancellation fee. For that, you can go through the path below.

  1. Get on Etihad's official website. 
  2. After that, select the option of "Manage Booking."
  3. Now you would need to enter the booking reference number or the code. After that, enter the full name of the passenger. Then tap on the button of "Search." 
  4. You'll come across your booking on the new page. 
  5. Once that has happened, you need to open your booking and then tap on the button "Cancellation." 

That is it. You have successfully made the cancellation. You'll receive an email regarding the cancellation you have made. You can save that email for the future. However, it is essential to ensure that you have considered the policies before canceling so that you're not going to be charged with the cancellation fee of Etihad Airways. 

Cancellation and refund policy of the Etihad: 

The Etihad refund policy has been made to save the customers' hard-earned money. Once you have completed the cancellation, you can claim the refund without any issue by just filling up the refund form. Once you have filled out the refund form, you're going to receive the refund directly in the bank account through which you made the payment.

  1. If you have canceled within 24 hours of the booking and you have made the booking minimum seven days before the departure time of the flight. Then you're not going to be charged with the charges of the cancellation of your reservation. 
  2. In case your flight has been canceled by Etihad Airlines. Then you're going to receive a complete refund of the investment you have made. However, make sure that you have filled out the refund claim form within twenty-four hours of the cancellation made by the airlines. 
  3. However, you'll be able to receive the refund from Etihad Airways within 14 to 30 working days if you have made the payment from the credit card. Then you're going to receive the refund much earlier. 

How can I connect with Etihad's customer support? 

To connect with Etihad's customer support, you need to choose any communication medium. They have ensured that the customer has several ways to communicate with them. You can live chat with customer support, speak to them over the phone, or even email your query. 

You can call Etihad's official number. After that, you'll come across the automated voice service. You only need to choose the directly connected options to your query. After that, you'll be able to speak to the agent from the Etihad Airways customer service, who is dedicated to your question.  


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