How do I get a Refund from Air Europa?

Have you booked your flight tickets on Air Europa? And have been thinking to cancel it or canceled it already due to any unavoidable reason? Well, then there’s no doubt that you might be looking for ways to get a refund on the airline. However, the refunds on the airline will depend upon the fare type, time of cancellations, and other important booking-related factors. Besides, the refund policy of Air Europa is quite flexible and can help you with your refunds without any hassle.

Hence, if you have been thinking how do i get refund from Air Europa, then read further to know more about the refund policy of the airline, online refund process and other useful information.

Important Information to Get refund from Air Europa call on 1 (844) 415-3955 :-

Air Europa Passengers can get the refund online by filling the form of refund request at Air Europa's official site or dial 1(844) 415 3955 or +1-802-397-9106 Through this link, your refund is provided only who have canceled their flight tickets within the time period.

What To Know About The Air Europa Refund Policy? Important Guidelines

Go through the following pointers and get to know about the refund policy of Air Europa and get help on your refunds.

  • Air Europa offers a full refund for its flight cancellations that are done within 24 hours of the ticket purchase, and the ticket must be booked within 7 days or less prior to the scheduled departure.
  • However, if the flight cancellations are done after the risk free cancellations time, then passengers are required to pay the cancellation fee ranging from $100-$400 depending upon the fare type, cancellations time, and other factors.
  • Hence, the airline will first deduct its cancellations fee, and then will provide the refund for the remaining amount as per the Air Europa Refund policy.
  • Also, if the passenger has partially used his flight ticket on Air Europa, then the airline will only provide refunds for the unused parts except the one-way/round trip fare charges. In addition, the Air Europa will also subtract the refund fee that is applicable to the ticket fare, and other taxes.
  • In the event, if you have booked group travel tickets on Air Europa, then the airline will not refund the unused flight tickets. However, the applicable taxes will be refunded, and if the number of passengers are less than the minimum required number of passengers for group travel, then also the taxes will be refunded by the airline.

In the event, if you have been wondering Can I get refund if airline cancels flightthen you should know that Air Europa as per the EC261 rule provides compensation for its cancelled /delayed flights due to weather or technical reasons. Besides, the compensation incudes both rebooking or a full refund depending upon the passenger’s preference post their flight cancellations or delays.

Can I get a refund if the airline cancels the flight? Online Refund Request

Follow the steps mentioned below to claim your refund online on Air Europa.

  • Visit the official website of Air Europa, then scroll to the Manage Your reservations tab, then select View My Booking option.
  • Next, enter the departure and destination airports, then the outbound and return dates, and then hit the Search button.
  • Fetch the booking details, then follow the onscreen instructions to cancel your bookings, and then fill up the online refund form to claim your request.

Furthermore, if you wish to know more about the Air Europa Refund policy, online refunds request, and other info, then contact the airline’s customer services, and talk to the experts.

Contact InFormation of Air Europa:-

Customer service: 1 (844) 415-3955

Baggage tracking: 011 34 871 20 30 89

Can I get a refund for a rescheduled flight on Air Europa?

If you are flying with Air Europa, and for some reason, you face reschedule the flight, then you can get the refund but there is some condition. We have covered them below; you can go through it and see whether you are applicable to get a refund or not. 

  • In most of cases, when there is a minor change in the flight schedule, the airline do not offer any kind of refund 
  • For any major changes in the flight schedule that does not seems suitable for you, then you can ask for a refund, even in case of the non-refundable tickets 
  • First airlines provide the rerouting to convince you or want to give some compensation. Now it depends on you that you accept this or want to get the refund 

These are the certain points that you should know. You can interact with the person and get support regarding the refund for a to reschedule flight. 

How much refund can I get if I cancel my flight with Air Europa?

First of all, there is no fix refund or specific refund for the cancellation. The refund relies on the type of cancellation and when you have canceled the flight. 

  • If you made the cancellation after the 24 hours of the booking, then you will get the refund from which amount around $100 to $500 will be deducted 
  • When you will cancel the ticket within 24 hours, then $400 or up to this amount will be deducted from the refund amount 
  • Now, when you cancel the domestic airlines, then it should be a refundable ticket. In other cases, the cancellation charges will be equivalent to the ticket’s fare. And for international booking, there will be some cancellation charges 

Now, you can see the amount or refund may vary from ticket to ticket and the destination. 

How do I claim a refund on my Air Europa ticket?

In order to claim a refund at Air Europa, travellers need to get in touch with the customer service department. Moreover, travellers can also fill in the details of the refund request form available on the official Air Europa website. 

Let us have a closer look at the step by step guide for claiming a refund at Air Europa. 

  • Visit the official Air Europa website.

  • Scroll down until you reach the bottom of the page till you find the ‘Refunds’ section on the page.

  • Select the “Refunds” option and proceed further. 

  • You will be redirected and are required to enter a few details on the new page. 

  • Enter your booking number along with other cancellation details such as the cancellation reference number.

  • After entering all the details on the refund request form, travellers have to select the submit option. 

This precisely answers How do I claim a refund on my Air Europa ticket?

You can check the refund status on the official website or may contact the customer service department to get the required details associated with refunds.

To get in touch with the customer service department, passengers need to give a call on the customer service helpline number. You could also leave an email on the customer service email address. Live chat is also available to get in touch with the customer service support executives to get proper assistance and help with refunds and cancellations. They will provide professional assistance on things related to refunds.

Does Air Europa require a Covid test?

Yes, Air Europa requires a covid test. To make traveling safer as well as effective, a person has to go for the RT-PCR test. Now, when you are doing this, it should be valid for upto 24 hours, so if you board the flight or book the flight after cross the time period, then you have to go for the test again. You will be provided with the Covid test report that shows what is the results, if the result is positive, then you are not permissible to board the flight. So make sure you do the just a few hours before boarding the flight. With this, it will valid for a longer period. For more details contact on Air Europa Customer service Number and get the help.


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