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How Can I Change My Thai Airways Flight

How much does it cost to change a flight on Thai Airways?

In order to run changes on your Thai Airways flight, the users are recommended to get accustomed to the ways that are going to unfold in this paper today. So stay tuned for more details. Without further ado, let's get straight into this.

How to change Thai Airways Tickets Online?

In case a passenger wants to change the flight he can. But, it can only be changed before 6hours from the departure.

  1. Visit the site of Thai Airways. www.thaiairways.com 
  2. Click on the option "Manage my booking" and enter all the ticket details. 
  3. Click on the "modify flights" Option and select the new flight details. 
  4. Then, pay the charges that are caused for changing the flight. 
  5. Then the confirmation ticket will be sent to you on your mail or via message. 

How do I reschedule my flight on Thai Airways?

  1. In case the passenger wishes to change the booking of Thai Airways then the changes will be made on the entire booking. The changes will be made only through the ticket date change policy irrespective of the fact of other booking schedules. 
  2. Then the change of flight will create a fee ( if applicable). Also, it depends on the ticket that was purchased by the passenger.
  3. Also, there are limitations on making changes on some of the bookings of flight and refund. Sometimes the refund is also not applicable on some tickets. 

Thai Airways Change reservations offline:

The offline procedure helps the passenger to talk to the customer support team of Thai Airways directly regarding the reservations and changes.

  • You can contact them via:
  • Phone Number : +1-855-306-8103
  • Email: contact@service.thaiairways.com

Change of seat in Thai Airways

In case of a passenger wants to change his seat then he can change it by following the instructions given below:

  • Click on the" Manage my booking" Option. 
  • Select the online check-in option. 
  • Fill in the code details and last name of the passenger. 
  • Then view the management of your booking and make the changes. 
  • Then, to run your procedure smoothly make the changes and payment if required.

How Can I change my Thai airways flight

  • The fees for the Thai Airways change flight booking ticket is 125 USD as per the rules and it is applicable worldwide. 
  • Issue of the tickets, Reassessment fare, and so on includes the service fee on tickets of Thai Airways. 
  • All these things given above involve the child's ticket as well and this fee is non-refundable. 

How to change my flight date Thai Airways

In case of emergency and any circumstances the passenger wishes to change the date of the flight then the passenger can but it all depends upon the policy of Thai airways date change policy.

  1. Firstly the ticket date change is only possible when the conditions match the same type of fare. 
  2. In case, the changes are higher than the passenger needs to pay the fare in a different way. 
  3. The cost of the flight depends on what date and type of flight you want according to the availability. 

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