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How Can I Change The Date On Aer Lingus Airlines Ticket

How Can I Change The Date On Aer Lingus Airlines Ticket


Aer Lingus is the flag carrier service of Ireland that is operating on various destinations across the world. Future is unexpected and events may occur which compels us to change our traveling plans. Aer Lingus understands this and allows its passengers to change their flight date.

This feature of Aer Lingus allows you to become more flexible while making your booking on Aer Lingus. The Aer Lingus Date Change Policy can also be described as the flight schedule change rules and they are discussed below.


Aer Lingus Date Change Policy


The policy of date change of the Aer Lingus is undermentioned in the following rules:


Aer Lingus Mode of Flight Date Change


As per the flight date change policy, all the users who made their booking online can change the departure date by using the online manage trio facility. However, those who complete their reservations from third-party websites need to contact Aer Lingus support for changing the date.


Aer Lingus Flight Date Change Period


You can easily change your flight departure date from the minute you have completed the Aer Lingus booking. It can go as close as two hours before the departure of your Aer Lingus flight. Here, you need to pay the pre-decided date change fee for completing the process.


Aer Lingus Date Change Required Permission


To change the Aer Lingus flight date, you need to do this from the same point of departure origin. As per the Aer Lingus Date Change Policy, you should have completed your booking one year before the purchase of the flight ticket.


Aer Lingus Flight Date Change Fee


Whenever you wish to change the Aer Lingus flight, then you must have to pay the flight change fee that is decided according to the fare rules. However, it is free for everyone to change their flight date till June 16, 2021. In the meantime, you only need to pay any sort of fare difference.


Aer Lingus Flight Date Change due to COVID 19


If a passenger needs to change the Aer Lingus flight date due to the restrictions imposed by certain countries, then he will obtain an option to change the flight for free. If the flight date change is made by Aer Lingus, then it will compensate the passengers for the inconvenience via necessary methods.


Aer Lingus Flight Date Change Payment


You can change the Aer Lingus flight date by making use of the cash or miles as your preferred payment option. You can employ this option while changing the fee through the online or the offline mode.


Aer Lingus Airlines Name Change Policy


Some people commit several mistakes while making the reservation on the Aer Lingus flight. One of the most common mistakes is their names. Here, they need to follow the rules given in the Aer Lingus Name Change Policy to alter their booking.


Name Change Policy of Aer Lingus


  • As per the name change policy, you need to contact Aer Lingus to change or amend the passenger name. The contact can be made from the booking date till the departure date.
  • If you have reserved your Aer Lingus flight through any third-party, then you need to contact them for changing the name.
  • To change the name of your Aer Lingus booking, you need to pay the name change fee decided for it. The amount of the name change fee is €100 or USD 157.
  • According to the Aer Lingus Name Change Policy, any passenger can make a change in its booking name right after making the reservation. This change is allowed prior to 2 hours of the flight departure.
  • According to the name change rules, the first and the last name of the passenger must match with its passport or valid ID proof. The mismatch of the middle name does not require a change in the flight booking.


You can use the Aer Lingus Date Change Policy and get the additional details about the flight date change rules. Connect with the Aer Lingus support and for changing the date of the flight.

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