How do I Book a Flight with American Airlines Miles on British Airways?

Here is a quick way on how to book British airways flights with American airlines miles? 

Partner Redemptions: one of the easiest ways to get value from your airline to reserve partner airlines Flights. This means using the American Airlines miles to book the domestic British airlines flights. Domestic flights with the distance 1,150 miles or less charges only 9,000 miles each way  compared to as much as 12,500 British Airlines flights miles for the same flights. 

Flights upto 2,000 miles are only considered as 10,000 Avios. There are so many domestic flight routes where it will charge you less. Avoid if you fly with economy class or first class as compared to booking flights the same American Airlines with AAdvantage miles. 

Let’s discover the basics of this process of How do I book a flight with American Airlines miles on British Airways? And clear up so many of the common misunderstandings. 

Earn Avios: it is very easy to earn Avios Points, the main reason is they are partners with different transferable currencies. The passenger can also chase the ultimate Rewards, British Express Membership Rewards, and the Bonvoy Points to your British Airways Executive club accounts.   All the transfer ratios are only 1:1 with the expectation of Marriott, which is transferred at the rate of 3:1 with a 5,000-Avios bonus for every addition of 60,000 Bonvoy points transferred.

How to book a British Airways Flights with American Airlines Miles?

we think it is way easier to find about flight on British Airways official website because British Airways have the option of looking at an entire month at a time. Once you find your flights on the website according to your preferences you can just plug in the dates on the American Airways website. 

  1. British Airlines waged dynamic cost last year, but it is still possible to find out the flight under 500 miles at the saver level for 7,500 British Airlines miles for one way. one-way. 
  2. Those saver level miles and awards are what you are looking for when you're searching on the internet, these are the flight seats the passenger can book through American Airlines flight instead. 
  3. American Airlines follow a distance based award chart for the flights, so what you are paying will vary by the distance flown per segment not as per one way flights. That means the passenger wants to book a non-stop British Airline flight. 

Here is how to book my British airways flights with American airlines miles: 

  1. First thing you have to do is visit the American Airlines website and by using the American Airlines ID and password you have to login in to the account, and then click on the login option. 
  2. Then go to the my flight booking section and click on the tab of the booking flights and book your flights with Miles
  3. Select the Book with Miles option and here you will be able to enter all the needed details, then you should click (805) 626-7010 on the Get flight option, select and continue. 
  4. Then, select your flight, here you will be able to choose the flight you want from the list of the flights, which will also show you which flights are operated by British Airways. 
  5. Then, confirm the number of miles needed along with the amounts of extra chargers or tax you will have to pay, tap and continue. 
  6. At last add payment details and you will get your confirmation on your mail. 

For further information About how to book British airways flights with American airlines miles? Contact the customer service representative or visit the website. 

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