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How Do I Cancel My Allegiant Flight And Get A Refund?

How Do I Cancel My Allegiant Flight And Get A Refund?


Booked your flight with Allegiant Airline and are stuck in a situation that needs your presence so much that you will not be able to board the flight? Then you shall not panic as with Allegiant Air you can manage your travel without inconvenience and hassle. 

The officials of Allegiant Air are understanding and they have the idea that a change of plan or getting stuck in a situation or an urgent meeting can affect passengers’ travel with them. Thinking of this, they came up with the option to manage reservations options for passengers. With this option, passengers could make changes or cancelations on their own as per their condition. 

So, if you are a passenger who wants to know how do I cancel my Allegiant flight and get a refund then you can refer to the information mentioned further. 


Knowing About Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy! 


Before you proceed to confirm the cancellation, you must know about the cancellation policy so that you get an idea about the refund details. So, to make your cancellation easier, you can refer to the policy points mentioned below. 


  1. If passengers proceed with the cancellation of their ticket within 24 hours of booking the tickets then they will be refunded the full amount of the airfare provided your booking should be done within a week from the date of departure. 
  2. Passengers who have crossed 24 hours can still cancel the booking but will be required to pay a cancellation fee. 
  3. The cancelation fee depends upon various factors like date of travel, the number of tickets that you are canceling, etc. 
  4. To cancel the flight online, passengers can choose the “Manage my Travel” option of the airlines that is present on the official website. 
  5. According to the Allegiant Air Cancellation Policy, passengers who are eligible for the refund will be offered the refund within 7-8 business days from the date of cancellation. 


Those who want to know how to proceed to cancel the flight can refer to the information below. 


Allegiant Air Refund Policy! 


  1. Start by landing on any preferred web browser that you generally use and open the official website of the airlines from the search bar at the top. 
  2. Then tap on the “Manage my Travel” or MY Trips” option from the navigation bar of the page that is displayed. 
  3. A new screen gets displayed where you need to enter details on the ticket like reservation or booking number and last name and tap “Next”. 
  4. When you see itinerary details, tap on the booking and choose the “Cancel Reservations” option. 
  5. Check the Allegiant Air Refund Policy that is displayed and then tap “Agree and Continue”. 
  6. The confirmation of the cancellation will be given to you in the email that was entered at the time of booking. 

For any fither information or any queries, please contact us and get assistance immediately.

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