How do I cancel my flight with Finnair?

Finnair is the flag carrier of the Finland airline & the largest airline too. it is headquartered at Helsinki Airport Vantaa, Finland. The fleet size of the Finnair is around 80 plus aircraft & the destinations that it covers are more than 110 plus.

Made a reservation with Finnair to reach your favorite destinations? But suddenly your travel plan has been changed at the very last moment? Then you have the only option of canceling your flight that every airline provides and Finnair is one among those. Finnair allows the passengers to make a flight cancellation request along with the valid refund and if you are thinking to cancel your flight, then you should know about the Finnair cancellation policy, process, fee, and more before you make a request for the flight cancellation.

What is Finnair cancellation policy?

It’s quite important that you have the proper knowledge about the cancellation policy which is given below:

  • Finnair permits the passengers to make a cancellation request within 24 hours of the scheduled departure.

  • One can get a full refund on Finnair if the flight cancellation has been made within 24 hours of ticket purchase.

  • Flight cancellation will be chargeable if you are canceling your flight ticket after 24 hours of booking.

Can I cancel my flight online?

Yes, customers are allowed to cancel their flight tickets with Finnair. And if you want to know Can I cancel my flight online, so that it gets easy to get perform the process.

Then here are the steps you should do for that;

•        First you will go to the official website page of the airline

•        Then you will go to manage my bookings within three horizontal bars

•        Then there you will type your PNR number & last name & enter

•        And you will get your booking details right on-screen

•        At the bottom of the details you will get the option to cancel your flight

•        Click on the cancel button & then you have to just follow the process like mentioning the reason for canceling within 1000 characters, etc.

Through this online process, your booking with Finnair will get canceled with ease & comfort.

How much does it cost to cancel a Finnair flight?

Canceling your flight for the very first time on Finnair and don’t have any idea about the cancellation charges? Then you must know about the Finnair cancellation fee before you cancel your flight that can help you to save money. You can follow the below instructions to understand the cancellation fee:

  • You are completely free to cancel a flight if you are canceling your Finnair flight within 24 hours of the ticket purchase.

  • If you cancel your flight within 24 hours of the scheduled departure, then cancellation charges are applicable.

  • Finnair charges a cancellation fee of $100 to $400 that simply depends on the duration of cancellation and the type of ticket.

How do I cancel my flight with Finnair?

Want to cancel the flight ticket that you booked with Finnair? But you don’t have any clue about the cancellation process? Then you don’t think too much about that as you can make flight cancellation requests online. But if you don’t know how to cancel Finnair flight, then you can go through the mentioned instructions to understand the process of cancellation in a simple way.

Steps to cancel a flight on Finnair:

  • First of all, you are required to visit the official website of Finnair through your browser.

  • Now you can find the option of Manage Booking and then click on it.

  • Now you can enter the last name and booking number into the given field.

  • After that, you can simply click on the Search tab to search or find your flight.

  • Now you can select that flight and then click on the Cancel booking tab.

  • Now pay the flight cancellation fee if required, otherwise follow the on-screen instructions to cancel your booking.

How do I get a refund from Finnair?

Now if you also want to know about the process of How do I get a refund from Finnair, so that you can easily avail of the refunds from Finnair.

So here are the simple & easy steps to fill the form for a refund at Finnair;

•        At first you have to go to the official website page of the airline

•        Then from there you will search for the refund form on the homepage

•        Once you get the form then you have to fill the form with appropriate details

•        First provide the information like name, email, country/region, address, state, etc

•        After that ticket information like the trip type

•        Then flight information flight number etc

•        Then your reason for canceling your reservation by selecting reason & explaining it within 1000 characters

•        At last only you have to click on the submit button & you will receive a text message regarding it.

The above-described instructions on how do I cancel my flight on Finnair can simply help you to cancel a flight as per the cancellation policy. But in case you still need assistance related to the cancellation process or policy, and you want to know how do i contact Finnair? then you can get in touch with the customer service team of Finnair which is capable enough to resolve all sorts of queries.


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