How Do I Cancel My Reservation with Volaris Airlines?

Do you have a flight reservation with Volaris Airlines that you no longer want to  use? It happens more often with many travelers than we think. We try to help many passengers to recover money from their non-refundable flight reservation every year. 

If you longer want to use your existing flight reservation and want to cancel it, but you don’t have any idea of the cancellation process and are wondering How Do I Cancel My Reservation with Volaris Airlines. Then, To cancel your flight  booking ticket follow these below steps: 

Steps to Cancel the Volaris Airlines Flight Ticket:

  1. Visit the official website of Volaris Airline. 
  2. And at the top of the main page click on the login button. Then, start login by entering your Airline account email and the Password. 
  3. Then click on the Change flight option
  4. Under manage my booking enter your reservation number and your last name. 
  5. Click on the go to my trip option
  6. Then you will be able to see all your flight details. 
  7. Select the airline  ticket which you want to cancel
  8. Then click on the cancel button

Then you will receive a confirmation message for your cancellation flight ticket at your chosen Email address. Or else you can choose the Volaris Airlines phone number to cancel your flight. 

Can I cancel my Volaris flight Ticket and get a refund?

Unfortunately, Volaris Airlines doesn’t allow passengers to cancel their flights. If the passenger doesn't use the flight ticket for the indicated flight, it can not be compensated, nor can it be used for the requested services on other flights Bookings. Only the flight from the United States or to the United States, can cancel or change the booking within 24 hours of flight booking without any charges. 

Volaris Airlines Cancellation Policy

Before cancelling a flight ticket with Volaris Airlines, you should have known the cancellation policy. Therefore, cancellation policy and rules are made by the airlines, they are flexible and according to the passenger needs. Thus check out the cancellation policy below:

  1. You can simply cancel your Volaris flight through the official website, travel agent, or through the online travel agency. 
  2. But the cancellation of the ticket should have been made within 24 hours of  purchase time. So that you don’t pay cancellation charges. 
  3. If your flight is cancelled that has been under 7 days or more for the departure time with no cancellation charges. 
  4. But if the flight cancellation is made after 24 hours, then you must pay the cancellation charges. 
  5. For various Volaris Airline flight tickets, the cancellation charges may vary according to the fare type, class of service or the destination etc. 

Can I change my Volaris Flight Booking

 If you want to change your flight, you can easily change it, since Volaris Allows date, time, and destination changes for the flight. But here are something you should have considered: 

  1. If you want to make changes in your flight remember that you can’t make changes through the website if you have booked a flight ticket through the travel agency.
  2. If you make changes in your flight on the website it may apply to all passengers included on the booking. 
  3. When your outbound flight has been already departed then you can only make changes in the time and date of your return flight.
  4. If you wish to make the changes in your destination, remember to make changes to the other. 

For further information about How Do I Cancel My Reservation with Volaris Airlines? You can visit or you can dial Volaris Airlines phone number to get the required information. 

Does Volaris have a cancellation policy?

Volaris Airlines understands the fact that there can be situations where customers need to cancel the booking they have made. In this case, they have a cancellation policy and a procedure to serve the customers. You have to adhere to all the conditions in the policy. That will make it certain that your ticket will become refundable, and you'll be able to get the full refund of the investment you have made. 

Cancellation policy: 

  • You need to satisfy two conditions to make your ticket completely refundable. Cancel the ticket within twenty-four hours of the booking you have made, and make it certain that you made the reservation at least seven days before the departure date of the flight. These two conditions will make your ticket refundable. 
  • You could get a complete refund of the fare if your booking were cancelled by the airline. 
  • Fill out Volaris’s refund form within twenty-four hours of the booking. 
  • If you made the payment through a credit card, you would get the refund within seven working days. However, if you made the booking through cash, you’ll get the refund within twenty-working days. 

Can I get a full refund if I cancel my flight? 

Yes, you can certainly get a full refund of your investment in the ticket. Make your ticket refundable. For this, you must cancel your ticket within twenty-four hours of the booking and seven days of the departure date. In this manner, you’ll be able to get a complete refund of the investment you have made. 

How do I cancel a flight on Volaris after 24 hours? 

The cancellation process is always going to be similar. Either you cancel within twenty-four hours of the booking or later. You only need to stick to the straight path ahead. 

  • Get on the website of Volaris Airlines. 
  • Now choose the option of “Manage Booking.” 
  • You need to enter the PNR number and the name on the booking. 
  • Press the button search. 
  • You’ll come across the reservation you have made. 
  • Now you only need to open the booking, and then you have to select the “Cancellation” option. 
  • Once you have completed the booking procedure, you will receive a confirmation email regarding that. 

How do I contact Volaris to cancel a flight?

Yes, you can even contact Volaris Airlines to cancel. For that, you need to phone the official number of Volaris Airlines, or you can even use other ways to communicate with them. 

  • You have to call on the official number of Volaris Airlines.
  •  Now you’ll come across the IVR menu. 
  • Give the command to the options which are relevant to your issue. 
  • Now the representative is going to cancel yours without any delay. 

Hopefully, your issue regarding the Volaris Airlines cancellation procedure and the policy is sorted. You’re ready to receive the refund once you have submitted the form. You can even use the option of live chat or email to cancel. This is certainly going to be very helpful for you. Now you’re ready to board your Volaris flight. 

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