How do I Change a Name on a Priceline Ticket?

Priceline is one of those famous travel agencies who offer tickets and booking at their best prices. They are quite known for their services as well as meeting the customer expectation. They go through the customer queries properly and bring more effective deals to them. It makes the process easy as well as you can select the one that is meeting the budget. They equally work on the hotel bookings too. 

So it is clear that what makes them a great agency but sometimes person face issues that are related to the booking. It happens most of the time when the person visits places with the airlines for the first time. The most common issue is change a name on a Priceline ticket. Yes, many times people seek this, but don’t know the exact process or do they let their customer change the ticket’s name. We have covered the details of it below, you can go through them and you can easily learn when and how you can change the name. 

Do Priceline let their customer to change name on tickets?

First of all, it is imperative to know the policy. In generals, you cannot change the name on the tickets. There are several reasons for that and the major one is that the ticket will be manipulated and can be utilized by some other person. So it is not allowed, and however, they provide the review page before you select the option of submitting. Here you should review the form and then make a final choice, and that is the reason you cannot go for the Priceline flights name change. 

Next, what will happen if you made the mistake while filling the form. Or you mistakenly put the wrong name. Still, you don’t have to worry because here you can do something or directing the steps to make the necessary changes. 

How to change the names on the Priceline tickets?

You can do this with two methods. First, go to the official website and click on the change name in the manage booking. Next, your changes will be sent to the official person and they will review them. It may take some time as you are going to wait for it. But, for making instant change, you have to go to the support team. Here you can connect with the person and let them know about the changes. 

Here you can connect with them in different ways, next, you have to choose them as per your suggestions. You can go ahead and take this for the prompt solution. 

What Is The Name Change Policy Of Priceline Ticket?

  • You can go with the changes that are minor. For major changes, you need to contact the live person 
  • You can change the name within 24 hours of purchasing. If you exceed it, there will be some sort of charges 

So it is Priceline passenger name change policy. It is better if there is a minor change in the name, and then it is acceptable. You don’t have to go through the rigorous process, but for major the possibilities are low and you can talk to the representative.

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