How do I Change My Flight on South African Airways?

South African Airways is a national Flag Airline, it flies over 38 destinations both domestic and international destinations. The hub of the airline is situated in Tambo international airport. South African Airways is the largest airline of South Africa, and the headquarter of the airline is in Airways park on the ground of OR Tombo international airport in Kempton park. It's also known as SAA. The airline is a member of star alliance and the frequent flyer program of the airline is known as Voyager. 

You booked your South African Airways flight but due to some circumstances you want to change your flight but don’t know How do I change my flight on South African Airways? Don't worry, South African airways allows you to make changes to their booking after making the reservation, passengers can make any of the changes through the manage my booking feature, which is available on the south African airlines official website.  

South African Airways allow all the passengers to make one free change on your south African airways due to covid-19. Help will be provided to all passengers holding the South African Airways ticket and want to make new reservations via any SAA customer care centre, or city travel office.

Is South African Airways refunding tickets 

If you want to know about, Is South African Airways refunding tickets ? Yes, South African Airways will give you a full refund of your flight tickets in case the reservation was made a week prior to the departure date of your SAA flight. South African Airways has a right to change 24 hour cancellation flights at any time. 

How to get a Refund from South African Airways?

Refunds are always made via auto generated refund procedures, if you want to request a refund then you can directly request for it with the South African Airlines Head office or refund department.

  • When you request for a refund it requires that all the refund and the documentation is received simultaneously and it should contain all the value of the coupon for refund.

  • When the airline cancels or changes your flight and is 100% sure that you are not able to make a flight then the airline leaves no choice but to refund the passengers. There are no charges in this particular case. You will get full repayment of the ticket, depending on whether you start your journey or not.  

  • If the refund is due on a natural basis like, bad weather, bad lightning then the amount shall be refunded equal to the amount you have paid before. And if the portion of the flight ticket is used then the refund will either be higher or the difference between the amount is paid and the airfare for the flight used. 

South African Airways Name Change Policy

South African Airways name change policy implies when you make a reservation the passenger's first name and surname  must be used  as issued on travel documents. If the name is incorrect or misspelled, a new flight must be issued and the incorrect one must be submitted for a full refund.

  1. Because of the South African Government Advanced Passenger Processing (APP) service, the traveler's name on their ticket must  be the same as on their passport.
  2. South African Airways cannot accept the flight tickets issued with names misspelled or incorrect under any circumstances and the traveler will be denied boarding.
  3. The passenger can correct the name on the flight ticket just by using South African Airways name change policy
  4. You can change the ticket within 24 hours from the departure time.

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