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How Do I Change My Name on Qantas Airlines?

How Do I Change My Name on Qantas Airlines?

If you have bookings with Qantas Airlines, but later you realize that there is an error in your name. Now, this can create a problem for those who are travelling for the first time. If you are one among them and looking for Can you change the name on a plane ticket Qantas? Then Qantas let you change your name or correct the name, but there are some conditions that you should know. 

What should you know about the Name change with Qantas Airlines?

Not all types of name changes are allowed; there are some restrictions too. For this, you can read Qantas name change policy that is mentioned below. With this, you can easily learn about it, and in the end, you can know the process to change it. 

  1. The name change means you are going to transfer or credit your tickets to some other person. For this, you must be the real owner of the tickets. But, for this, the entire ticket will be reissued. 
  2. Name change mostly relies on the type of ticket you have. It depends on the domestic and international tickets. Each one of them they have a different name change process. 
  3. There are two situations when you can apply for a name change, when you do not receive the tickets, and second when you receive or issue the tickets. 
  4. When the ticket is not reissued and you are covering the domestic destination, then you might have to reissue the entire ticket. For this, you need to cancel the previous booking, which will not be going to charge any fee. 
  5. If you are covering a domestic region or state within a country, then you can change the name within 24 hours of booking, that may not introduce any charges, but once you cross this, then you might have to bear some charges that will be in the name of “ name change fee.” 
  6. However, if you are not a premium member or flying with business or first class, then you are not eligible to change the name on tickets. You cannot transfer the ticket to another passenger. 
  7. If you are covering place internationally, then there is no name change policy, which means you are not eligible to change your name. However, if there is a small error in your name, then you can change it or correct it, but in most cases, these small errors in the name overlook by airlines during boarding. 

Steps to change Name on Qantas Airlines 

  1. First of all, go to the official website of Qantas Airlines
  2. Next, click on the manage booking, and open the booking where you want to change the name 
  3. Further, you have to click on “name correction request.” 
  4. Here they will ask you to upload a document with the correct name, so that they can make the ticketing error-free 
  5. Now, review it and click on submit option and get the new ticket on the registered email address 

Now, you can see how you can re name changes allowed on airline tickets? And get the tickets with the correct name. You can directly interact with a person of Qantas and complete the name change or correction process.

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