How Do I Change My Name on sun country Airlines?

With 43 airplanes in the fleet, Sun Country Airlines is one of the largest and low cost airlines in the United States. The airline incorporates a huge network of around 86 passengers across international and domestic destinations. It serves global destinations to the passengers, including Mexico, the Caribbean, United States, and Central America. In terms of scheduled passengers they carried, Sun Country is the 11th Largest airline that provides air travel in the USA. 

If you made a mistake while reserving your flight, and wondering about How do I Change My Name on Sun country Airlines? Sun country Airlines allows the passenger to change their name on the flight ticket with two different modes. Sun Country approves various name correction methods for passenger convince. The passenger can opt for any of them.

Broadly we can divide these into two categories:

  1. Online
  2. Offline

Can you change name on Sun Country Ticket

Sun Country Name Correction Online

If you are searching about Can you change name on Sun Country ticket? Yes, you can, With good internet you can make your name change or name correction over the web. It is the most frequently used method whether you are making your flight booking or cancelling the flight ticket, or check-in. 

When it comes to changing names online, you can do it by visiting the Sun Country Airlines Website or through the mobile application. You can also access the website and proceed with the process. It is the easiest way to change the name by sitting right to your home. 

Sun Country Airlines Name Correction Offline

  • As per the offline procedures the most extensively used way is to approach the Sun country Airline customer care number. Just pick your phone up to speak with the customer service representative.  By dialing the contact number. 

  • Once your call is connected a customer service representative will ask you for necessary information along with your booking and your reservation number and the customer’s last name. Then you should provide them with the correct information to get the right things in place. 

  • Additionally one can also visit the customer service Centre or kiosk for the same purpose. In that case you don’t need to forget to take a marriage or your Divorce certificate along with you for the legal name change. In order to travel with any airline, your name on the flight ticket and government issued ID must be matched.

Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy

  1. According to Sun Country Airlines Name Change Policy, getting a name misspelt on the flight ticket of the Sun's Country Airline and want to change it? Or thinking about How do I change the name on my plane ticket after booking? Sun country name change policy allows the passenger to change their name after they booked their flight. So, let’s proceed with the process without any hassle.
  2. It is a basic process that passengers enter their name incorrectly in the flight booking. Sometimes passengers make a mistake only in a single letter or misspelled their whole name, though this seems a common and a little mistake, but you end up with overwhelming frustration. 
  3. In case you also made some silly mistakes while booking your flight ticket, you have the option to change or correct it. It advocates a flexibility that involves some basic steps and procedures to change your name in a correct manner. 

Further, Sun Country visitors can make arrangements for the booking before the departure date, they can also modify flight booking to change names as per the rules prescribed by the airline. 

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