How do I Change my Southwest flight Without Fare Difference?

Southwest is one of the liberal airlines when it comes to making a flight change, and southwest is offering excellent opportunities for customers looking to change flights. 

Southwest airlines once again allowing the passenger to change their flight without any fee up to 14 days before departure time. What makes it incredibly liberal is that they are also waiving the price and the fare difference. This applies to both the ticket, paid, or award flights. This was started when southwest airlines allowed customers to change the flight to the 737 MAX8 flight, but it has been coming back occasionally every month or after a few weeks. 

For instance, if you have booked your flight for $70, and if you want to change it, it will cost $100, you will not have to pay any fare charges but the fare difference of $30. The passenger can make unlimited changes again and again up to 14 days before the departure date. Southwest is going beyond generous policies. So take a look at your reservation and see if there is any change you might make. 

If you have made a reservation with southwest airlines, but your plan is changed, or you make some mistakes in your ticket, you want to change the flight without any fare difference. Now, you might be wondering, How do I change my Southwest flight without fare difference?  For that, check out the Beneath options: 

Ways to avoid paying any fare difference

  1. Make changes to your flight within 24 hours.
  2. Or it is before 60 days of departure time. 
  3. Buy a flexible ticket to opt for add ons.
  4. Change the flight on the same day
  5. Take help with elite status

Southwest Airlines change Flight Policy. 

Any changes in the flight can be made easily by seeking help from the southwest airline customer service team or you can also do it on your own after knowing the policy discussed below. 

Southwest Airlines is known for charging no fee for the flight change. And there are few things you need to know about the Southwest Airlines change flight policy. These are as follows:

  1. To avoid any extra charges or fare differences, make sure you change your flight at least 1 hour before the departure time. If you fail to do so before the given deadline, you will need to cancel your flight ticket, and it might include a cancellation fee. And the deadline is 10 minutes before your departure time. 
  2. The southwest flight change is undoubtedly free of cost, but if the customer plans to fly with southwest and changes the flight before 2-3 hours before the departure time, they will have to pay the fare difference if the airfare is higher than the actual price ticket. 
  3. The travel fund of the southwest airline comes with a validity of one year; the passenger has to take the flight to avail of the refund. 

Southwest 24 hours flight change policy. 

Sometimes we face a sudden change in the travel plan. No worries, with the southwest 24 hours change policy 1(805) 626-7010, you have free to make changes in your flight without incurring any flight difference. This policy only applies when you book your flight directly with Southwest Airlines. It would not be applicable for group travel. 

If you still need any help in terms of a flight change, cancellation and refund, please contact the customer service team, which is available around the clock to help the customer. You can also take assistance through Southwest flight phone number, dial the toll-free number and tell them your queries you might be facing. 


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