How do I complain To Air France?

Air France started its travel activities in 1993, and the airline runs three different destinations that are cargo traffic, traveler traffic and the airline service organization. It spread across 318 domestic destinations and international destinations in 118 different nations around the globe.  Air France is certified as a 4-star airline for its best airport services and introduced travel things. Item upgrading join seats services, foods and drinks etc. 

If you want to make a complaint to Air France about anything you can use the Air France phone number, email address, and other contact services through that you can without any problem complain to Air France.  Which you can find on the given Air France official website.

  1. You can make a complaint through the email service: the email complaints won’t take care of your issue at any point in future. This process may take some  time.  Making a complaint through the contact number resolves your problem straightforwardly. 
  2. If you can not make the complaint by phone or through an email then you might be thinking of other ways of How do I complain to Air France? For that, I will suggest you visit the Air France website and check out the contact structure. 
  3. In case, you can use the social media platform to make your complaint, for that you can check out the Facebook, Instagram and twitter pages and write your complaint and issues by mentioning them in the correct way. 
  4. You can use the Air France Head office contact number to make the complaint, you can also record a complaint through the service Centre location and contact number and send it to them. 

Make a complaint through the Phone Call 

If you want to make a complaint through the Air France phone number then you can connect with them since the airlines customer service is available to you 24/7. So you can get in touch at any time, but make sure you have a genuine reason to contact. 

Having an issue wherever reserving your flight ticket with air France? Or are you having any other sorts of issues regarding the reservation? Then you should contact the airline customer service team where a live person will assist you whenever you talk to them or make your complaint. But if you don’t know how to talk to a live person at Air France, ten you can check out the steps below.  

Through the phone call: you can talk to a live person at Air France, in a very quick and easy manner by making a phone call. For that you can follow the IVR menu: 

  1. Visit the Air France website and find the contact number, then dial that number 1-800-237-2747 through your phone.
  2. Press one if you want to make a complaint about you having an issue while making your reservation, for that Press 1
  3. If your baggage is delayed or you want to know about check-in or baggage press 2. 
  4. If you want to cancel your reservation or want to change your flight, but having an issue while canceling or changing your flight ticket, then to resolve the issue you can press 3. 
  5. Or if you want to talk to the representative directly for the issue you are having and want to make a complaint, press 7. 

So, as we mentioned above, if you want to make a complaint, you can submit a complaint on Air France complaints, You should make a complaint from the Air France phone number. If you don’t get the answer regarding your concrete complaint we suggest that you can complain by email. 

Does Air France have a chat line?

Unfortunately, if you wish to connect with Air France via a chat line, it doesn't exist. Air France does not provide a chat line; however, you can opt for alternate options like messengers and other social media networks to chat with them. You can also call the Air France Customer care number for instant support. Here is the detailed information below for your reference; if you are unaware of the procedure.

Follow the guided information below to contact Air France over the phone. 

  • Dial the customer care number of Air France 1 800 237 2747 
  • You can also go to the contact us page on the homepage and access various links
  • You can select the topic you need help with and then choose sup topic 
  • You will get the contact details under solution on the next page 

Make a call on the number given and follow IVR running 

  • Press 1 to choose English
  • Press 2 for reservation and ticketing 
  • Press 3 for a refund
  • Press 4 for baggage-related issues 
  • Press 5 To manage booking 

You need to press 1 for English and then opt for the option 'continue' or press star(*)

In the next menu, you need to say No to connect with a live agent 

Wait on the call, and as soon as the live agent comes online, you can share the issues 

Alternate ways to connect with Air France customer care 

In addition to phone calls, given are some alternative options you can use to connect to Air France customer service. These options are available on the air France support page.

  • Email support
  • Social Media 
  • Mailing address 

By reading the information above, hopefully, you learned about all the customer support options that air France provides. Talking about, does Air France have a chat line? The answer is No. You can call the airline directly on its customer care number for any assistance.


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