How do I contact Emirates Dubai?

Contacting the support team of an airline from a specific region can sometimes end up being challenging. Passengers can easily find the general support number for the airline, but when it comes to individual numbers dedicated to different regions, they often get stuck in the process.

If you have a flight booking or reservation with Emirates and need to contact their support team from Dubai, the only question that comes to your mind is. ‘How do I contact Emirates Dubai?’ You can follow the procedure stated below to know the crystal clear process to contact the Emirates Support team from Dubai.

How to contact the Emirates support team from Dubai?

You can speak to a live Emirates customer support representative from the region of Dubai with the help of the below-mentioned methods;

  • Visit the official Emirate website with the help of a browser of your choice.
  • Accept the essential and required cookie preferences for the smooth functioning of the website.
  • Once the website loads completely, go to the bottom and click on ‘Help and Contact’ under the ‘Help’ section.
  • It will redirect you to the Emirates support page.
  • You’ll be able to view different methods to contact the Emirates support team.

Chat with Us- If you are more of a messaging person, you can take help from their live chat method;

  • Click on the ‘Live Chat’ option.
  • Emirates provides 24/7 assistance via a live chat process, and you don’t have to worry about your region.
  • Once you click on the chat option, a live chat box will pop up, and you’d have to answer several questions asked by the Emirates digital assistant.
  • Once you submit all the answers, a live Emirates chat support representative will connect with you via chat.

Call Us- You can call the official Emirates support number dedicated for the Dubai region;

  • Scroll and click on ‘Find out more’ under the ‘Contact us worldwide’ option on the support page.
  • Select ‘Dubai’ from the location tab and proceed.
  • It will then showcase a new menu displaying the official support number with its working days and hours of operation.
  • Call the number displayed on the page within the specified time.
  • Once the call connects, go through the IVR procedure, and a live Emirates executive will connect with you on the call.

The query, ‘How can I talk to an Emirates agent?’ can be instantly sorted out with the help of the points listed above, and you can get all the required resolutions conveniently for your benefit.


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