How do I contact Lufthansa Germany?

Lufthansa Airlines one of the best and the largest airline trusted by the 100 millions passengers, Lufthnsa is also considered the largest airline in Europe in terms of travelers carried, and in terms of flight size. You can travel with Lufthansa cheaper airfare, and before making the reservation do not forget to check the flight deals cheapest last minute flight deals and offers. 

  1. If you are planning to visit your dream destination with Lufthansa Airline and you need help while reserving the flight or cancelling the flight, then you can contact the Lufthansa Customer service, contacting the customer service is a lot more simpler and eliminates the disturbance of looking out for help to determine your problem.
  2. You are  making your reservation with Lufthansa Airline from Germany or to Germany,  but you need assistance from the customer service and thinking about How do I contact Lufthansa Germany? You can get help by calling on the toll free number  +49 (0) 800 - 838 4267, it is free of cost if you are calling from a landline. 
  3. Most of the passengers contact Lufthansa customer service via phone with the objective that they can move someone to help them immediately. It's more fulfilling than holding on for a long time until someone gets back to you or responds to an email or request through online media channels.

Lufthansa Airlines also offers a list of contact numbers to help the customer, you can choose the contact number according to your country code. You need to follow the below contact menu of Lufthansa Airlines to resolve your query about How do I contact Lufthansa customer service? Dial the contact number of the airline and follow the below steps:

  1. If you want to talk to the customer service and want to know  about the details of arrival and your departure time then you have to press 1 at the main menu. 
  2. If you want to make a new flight booking or want to inquire about flight charges then you have to press 2. 
  3. If you want to change your flight or want to make any minor changes in your existing flight reservation then press 3.
  4. If you want to talk to a live person of the Lufthansa Airline, press 4
  5. If you want to inquire about the blue card holder or miles, press 5  

Remember that if you are outside the US, kindly check out the Lufthansa website and select which country or region you are calling from. Other than contact number there many other ways through them customer can contact the Lufthansa Airline customer service. 

Follow the below ways to contact the customer service

  1. The first and the most preferable way to contact the customer service is by contacting through the phone number, you just need to dial the customer service contact number and get direct help from the live person. 
  2. Next option you have is the online chat, you can also use the live chat option to get through the live person at Lufthansa Airlines. You can also access the online chat by visiting the website of the Lufthansa  Airline, just enter your query in the chat box and get instant help from the live person.  
  3. Email is also a way to contact the Lufthansa Airline customer service, you can contact the airline through a registered email to handle all queries. 
  4. The other best option is to contact the airline customer service through the social media platforms, such as Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

For further information How do I contact Lufthansa customer service? please visit the website of the Lufthansa Airline and get instant help from the live person. 

When can I online check-in Lufthansa?

Suppose you have a flight with Lufthansa, and you are wondering. When can I online check-in Lufthansa? Then don't panic after reading you will get all the information about it. Lufthansa provides web check-in before 23 hours from departure. You can do web check-in from the official website of the airline. To know how you can do online check-in, read the steps carefully. 

How to do web check-in at Lufthansa?

To do online check-in, you have to go through the official website of Lufthansa. Read the steps written below. 

  • You can visit the official website of the airline and then sign in with your account.
  • After that, you have to go to the "Manage my Booking" option.
  • You will see your ticket there; only you have the option of web check-in. Click on that.
  • After that, write the details and select the seats from the seat map of your preference.
  • And once you are done with the seats, tap on submit, and you will get on the payment page.
  • Make the payment of your seats with the given option. 
  • Once you are done with it, you will receive a confirmation mail and text message of your web check-in.
  • You can also see your seat in the "Manage my Booking" option. 

If you are facing any difficulty, you can get through the airline customer support team for help and solutions. 


Frequently Asked Questions
How do I get through to Lufthansa?

Lufthansa is a German airline . It is being termed as the second largest airline in Europe . After making a reservation with the airlines the passenger has to confront issues such as Baggage Policy (Numbers of bags are allowed ), change in name etc . For Such assistance passengers do require help from lufthansa airlines representatives .

Steps Through Which one can easily get Connected Through Lufthansa .

Via Phone .

Phone is the easiest and simplest way to connect through lufthansa airlines representatives . The representatives will provide you the assistance one requires. Its assistance is available 24x7 to its customers . Steps through which one can easily get connected through live representatives of lufthansa by simply following IVR options .

  1. Press 1 - .To Make a new Reservation
  2. Press 2 - To make a change in existing reservation .
  3. Press 3 - To know about baggage policy .
  4. Press 9 - Speak to a live representative .

Via Chat

Chatting is the simplest and quickest way to communicate with the live representatives . One can simply put their query forward to the live representatives and they do provide the much needed assistance one requires in order to have a quick service from the live representatives . Steps through which one can simply connect through live representatives .

Firstly , one has to visit the official site of the airlines .

Scroll down the screen , down there one will see an option of contact us one has to click on that option .

Wherein , one will see live chat representatives, and one can easily contact through them and put their query forward . The above mentioned will guide you 'How someone gets connected through live representatives of Lufthansa '.


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