How do I get a refund from flydubai?

If you have successfully canceled your flight ticket with fly Dubai and now looking for ways to get a refund from the airlines, follow the instructions below.

  • Make a visit to the official website of fly Dubai from our web engine.
  • Now find the manage booking section and click on that.
  • Enter your booking details, like last name and booking reference, on the next page. 
  • Click on view bookings, and the details of your flight will appear.
  • Now cancel the tickets (ignore this step if already done).
  • Find your booking and select it to proceed with other steps.
  • You may see the option of a refund form.
  • Fill the form by entering your canceled flight details.
  • Now, wait for the customer support team to look into your matter and initiate the refund as per policy.

 Passengers will receive the refund within the next 7-10 days of filling the refund form. You can also call the airlines to request a refund, be ready with the booking details as the customer executive will ask on call. Get the customer service number from the official website or reach out via other options like chat support or social media.

 Can you request a flight refund?

Yes, passengers who face unexpected circumstances and want to cancel their flight can definitely get a refund from flydubai airlines. However, the refund amount depends on certain factors like your destination, time left for departure, fare type, cabin, and so on. One has to understand the refund policy of flydubai to get an idea of the refund amount they can receive from the airlines.

The refund policy of flydubai

  • As per the 24 hour cancellation policy, passengers who cancel their flight ticket within 24 hours of booking with flydubai are entitled to get a full refund.
  • If a person has booked a non-refundable flight, they will receive the refund in the form of ticket credit or vouchers, which are redeemable within one year of issuance.
  • Passengers need to cancel their flight at least before seven days before departure to get a full refund.
  • Passengers who cancel the tickets before 24 hours of scheduled departure will get charged with a cancellation fee as per the policy.
  • A refund is only achievable if the person has successfully canceled the ticket.
  • The airlines will provide no refund if the passenger has missed their flight.
  • A full refund is provided to passengers having emergency cases like the death of a family member or spouse. They need to show relevant documents.
  • If the flight is canceled from the flydubai airline's side, a full refund will be provided for such cases.

How do I get my money back from flydubai?

Passengers can either go to the official website or fill the refund form by following the process mentioned above, or they can contact flydubai's customer service team for a refund. You can contact Flydubai customer service through various ways such as call, LiveChat, email, or social media platforms. Flydubai is available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., so you can drop a direct message on any of these accounts.

Passengers can easily follow the process of requesting a refund from the official website of flydubai to get a refund. The refund amount will reflect in the passenger's account with 7-10 days, you can get in touch with the customer service expert for any further query.

Can I refund Flydubai ticket?

Yes, passengers can get a refund for their canceled ticket with flydubai. However, the refund amount depends on factors like time left for departure, ticket type, route, etc. If you have successfully canceled your flydubai airline ticket, then you might be confused about the refund of your canceled reservation, so refer to the information given below:

  • If a passenger cancels their flight within 24 hours of booking, they can get a complete claim of their canceled ticket as per the 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy.
  • If the passenger cancels their ticket after 24 hours of booking, then they are entitled to pay the cancellation charge.
  • Non-refundable ticket holders can get the refund in the form of travel credits which are redeemable on the next booking with flydubai.
  • The refund is initiated within 7 to 10 working days once the customer service team of flydubai issues it.
  • Passengers need to fill the refund form in order to get the refund in their original payment mode.
  • Passengers can claim a whole refund if they cannot board the flight due to emergency issues like a family person's death.

How do I contact Flydubai to get a refund?

Passengers facing issues with their flight booking, refund, or cancellation can contact the customer service team of flydubai in various ways that are highlighted below:

  • Phone Call: You need to get the customer care toll-free from the official website of flydubai under the contact section on the homepage, then dial the number and follow the IVR option as per your concern to get connected with the live representative. 
  • Contact form: Passengers can also fill out the contact form to get a response from the customer service team of flydubai. The contact form or query form is available on the contact us page of the official website of flight Dubai. The concerned team will reply shortly.


  • Social media: FlyDubai is also available on the social media platforms of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so passengers can drop their query via a direct message to get a reply back from the live human at flydubai.


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