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How do I get my plane ticket if I bought it online United Airlines?

How do I Get my Plane Ticket if I Bought it Online United Airlines?

There were times when passengers used to buy their tickets from the booking counter, and they get their flight tickets hand to hand. Nevertheless, these days, passengers book their tickets via online mode. Through this way, they book their flight ticket and need their access in hand. So, if you are trapped in such an issue and want to know the answer to How do I get my plane ticket if I bought it online United Airlines, then look for the available modes from where you can get your United Airlines flight ticket. Usually, there are quite a few ways from where you can get your flight ticket. Check for some forms and get your access accordingly.  

The role of eTicket

These days, passengers find it helpful to book their flight tickets through online mode. You need to perform some steps, and you will get your ticket quickly.

  1. To book your ticket, launch the official web page of United Airlines.
  2. Go to the “book” section.
  3. Write down the details related to your travel.
  4. Select your preferred United Airlines and complete the payment.
  5. On completing the payment procedure, you will get an eTicket.
  6. The airline will send the eTicket to your registered email address.
  7. You can take the printout easily.  

The role of Airport

If you cannot take a printout of your United Airlines flight ticket, the other way is to ask the United representative to provide your access.

  1. Book your flight ticket from the official web page of United Airlines.
  2. Once you received your eTicket, please keep it safe.
  3. You will receive your ticket at your email address.
  4. Check and download your flight ticket.
  5. Reach the Airport before the check-in time.
  6. Show your eTicket to the United representative available there.
  7. They will provide you a boarding pass where you can see your flight details.

Take your ticket at the time of check-in.

The easiest way is to ask for your ticket at the time of check-in. Passengers usually go this way after booking their flight tickets.

  1. Go to the Airport at least 3 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.
  2. Look for the available kiosk.
  3. Enter your PNR Number of the United Airlines flight booking.
  4. Now, you can select your desired seat.
  5. Tap on the confirm button so that it will print your flight ticket.
  6. You will see your boarding pass coming out of the kiosk machine.
  7. Take that boarding pass and move ahead to board your flight.

What if you have checked in online?

If you booked your United Airlines flight ticket online and want to check in, then do it. Once you do the check-in, your seat is confirmed. United Airlines will provide you a boarding pass where you can see your flight ticket. You have to show that boarding pass to the airport authority when they ask for your access.

Bottom Line

United Airlines provides you several ways to get your flight ticket. If you have any difficulty regarding your access, contact the customer service through United Airlines phone number, where the customer representative will provide you an exact solution to your issue. You can contact them 24 hours a day. 


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