How do I know if my Lufthansa Airlines Ticket Is Refundable?

Are you looking to get a refund from Lufthansa airlines? If yes, then this article will be best suited for you. There are many conditions related to the refundability of the tickets. It is important to find out whether the ticket is refundable or not. Many customers of the Lufthansa airlines are unaware of the fact that How do I know if my Lufthansa airlines ticket is refundable. In this article, we will highlight the cancellation procedure with refund policies and much more.

How do you find out if the ticket is refundable or not?

Refunds in the case of Lufthansa airlines are made according to the fare conditions. The value of the refund depends on the price of the ticket. The refund amount gets transferred after calculating the fare, taxes and much more. Let us see some of the steps related to getting refunds:

  1. Customers Can find that their tickets are refundable or not by going through the “Fare Conditions” of the Booking confirmation email.

  2. There are two types of the ticket provided by the airline one is refundable, and the other is non-refundable. Passengers who have refundable tickets get the refund amount.

How to Cancel Lufthansa airline ticket & apply for a refund:

It is easy to cancel the ticket and get a refund by following the below-mentioned details carefully:

  1. Tap the “My Bookings” section, and you get redirected to your booking summary.
  2. To sign in to the booking action, you have to provide your surname, booking reference ID. Now those bookings which get cancelled are displayed in your booking summary with the Cancellation button.
  3. Tap the cancellation button next to the ticket booking.
  4. Now your flight gets cancelled, and you get to receive an email automatically, and now you can easily apply for getting a refund by submitting refund request form.

Let us see the Cancellation policies of Lufthansa airline:

Forgoing through the Lufthansa Airlines cancellation policy, it is important to see the detailed guidelines in the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Cancellation of the tickets can be easily performed within the timeline of 24 hours of the initial booking without paying the cancellation charges.
  2. If the ticket cancellation is performed after the period of 24 hours, then it is essential to provide the cancellation charges to the airline.
  3. Cancellation fees depends on the fare type.
  4. There are certain different conditions that apply with the cancellation of award tickets, non-refundable tickets and others.

Let us see the refund policies of Lufthansa airline:

  1. After the period of 24 hours of booking, passengers are needed to pay the cancellation fees. All the refund value gets transferred after deducting the cancellation fees from the total fare of the ticket.

  2. After 24 hours of booking, passengers with non-refundable tickets don’t get a refund.

As per the above-mentioned details provides that How do I know if my Lufthansa Airlines ticket is refundable? If you have further queries, then contact Lufthansa airline customer service through Telephone, Live chat, Email, Social media platforms, Faq section and others.

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