How do I Raise a Request for a Wheelchair on Southwest Airlines?

Southwest Airlines ensures that you get a smooth or enjoyable experience to work and a comfortable journey and get very relaxing services. At times there are few disabled customers that have boarded a flight for safety and security concerns the Southwest airlines do provide you a wheelchair once you board a flight. At times traveling will be expensive; it's even more challenging once you have a disability. The ways mentioned below will guide  How do I request a wheelchair on Southwest Airlines and your answers to all your queries by simply following the proper procedure of Southwest airlines and making sure you raise a request in the appropriate mode through which you can quickly get connected and do vail their services.   

Herein, the steps are mentioned through which you can easily make a reservation with Southwest Airlines.

  1. First and foremost, do visit the official site of Southwest Airlines. 
  2. Do select the Flight options wherein do mention your PNR number as well as your last name. 
  3. Scroll down the screen wherein you will find an option that says add extra options. 
  4. Once you put in your PNR number, your flight will be available, or your e-ticket will be available right before you. 
  5. Do choose a unique assistance option wherein you will find a different set of options such as a wheelchair and other options. 
  6. Select the wheelchair and other options which are convenient to you. Do click on the submit. 
  7. Then the payment option will be available right in front of you. Do make a payment then and there, and the Southwest Airlines disability forum provides you the aid you require, and by simply login to their account, you can easily avail of their services. 
  8. Once you make a payment, you get the official mail from Southwest airlines stating that your payment is acknowledged. You do get the additional ticket that will be provided to you on your registered email id through which you can quickly get the queries to your answers. 
  9. Once all the procedures are completed, you can easily mail stating that your payment is acknowledged, and you get wheelchair assistance once you board the flight.

The passenger has another option if you are physically impaired and can download your form. You can quickly fill the form available on the site through which you can quickly raise a request for the wheelchair and provide valid reasons. 

Other Options Through Which You Can Easily Raise a Request for Wheelchair Assistance. 

  1. Customer Service Care - The customer service of southwest airlines does provide you with wheelchair assistance by simply making a call to them and do ensure you get the best services. 
  2.  Social Media Forums - Do log in to your Twitter account, write down your request, quickly raise a request for wheelchair access, and submit your request will be accepted and presented soon. 
  3. Facebook is another forum through which you can quickly raise a request for a wheelchair. Do search for the southwest airline' Facebook account. Click on the send message and do raise a request for the wheelchair and send across the news. 

The ways mentioned above will guide you. How do I add a wheelchair to my Southwest flight and get the proper assistance you need from them. 

Southwest Airlines have wheelchair assistance?

Yes, Southwest Airlines have wheelchair assistance. And passenger that needs wheelchairs must have to recognize themselves at the time of arrival at the airport or entry to the destination. You can make this request at the time of reservation or after that. You can get wheelchair assistance to/from the airport gates and between the gates.

Furthermore, you can carry a wheelchair on the flight, but you may have to complete the wheelchair aid information form. But to carry this on the flight, you may have to get through the screening, which includes seat cushions, fanny packs, and non-removal pouches.

Do people in wheelchairs board first on Southwest? 

Yes, people in wheelchair board first on Southwest Airlines. That airline offers pre-boarding facilities for passengers who need special seating to fit their disability or need assistance in boarding. If you have sought a wheelchair aid, then you may occupy existing seats. Moreover, to board first on the flight, you may have to speak with customer service at the ticket counter or the boarding gate.

How do I get a wheelchair assistance at the airport?

When you have disabilities that need a wheelchair for traveling, you can request southwest airlines to get such services at the airport. So the modes for that have been displayed underneath.

Via call

One of the convenient ways to appeal to this is accessible by making a call to the airline. You can dial its official phone number, 1 (800) 435-9792, and choose a suitable language first. And then, pick an option from the IVR menu:-

  • Press1 to know about special offers
  • Press4 for the rapid reward
  • Press7 to request a special assistance
  • Press0 to speak with the customer service

Via online

When you have completed the reservation, you can also get a wheelchair at the airport by submitting an online request. Though the steps for conducting the procedure are displayed at the bottom:-

  • Head to the authenticated website of Southwest Airlines
  • And then, click on the flight icon and choose to manage reservation options
  • Then enter the confirmation number with the first and last name
  • And then, click on the special assistance option under the passenger's name
  • Later, fill out the requested information and click on the submit options.

Do airlines charge extra for wheelchair assistance?

No, airlines do not take an extra for wheelchair assistance. But if the request is made at the last moment, then you may have to pay the price. You can get a wheelchair from the airline or carry your own, but you must submit an aid form prior to your journey. However, you can contact the airline customer service team for the exact information.

Can You Take a Wheelchair on a Plane?

Yes, you can carry a wheelchair on a plane. And the wheelchair could be carried into the flight on a first come and first services basis. If the compartment space is inhabited, your wheelchair could be stowed beneath the plane. Apart from this, you can also separate the removal parts and fit them on the overhead bin or under the front seat. And the wheelchair has to be scanned at the boarding gate.


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