How do I Redeem Sun Country Credits?

Have you already booked reservations with Sun Country Airlines, and during the last minute, your flight was cancelled or changed? In such situations, Sun Country has a provision of issuing a flight credit to the customers. Confirming the same, travelers even get an email on the part of the airlines. 

Lately, a lot of travelers have enquired about how they can redeem the Sun Country flight credits? So, travelers unaware of the process or ways of redeeming the credit can go through the details in this article. 

Redeeming Sun Country credits 

As per the general guidelines, the flight credits can be redeemed for the new bookings confirmed online with Sun Country airlines. Further, the credits transferred to the account are expired after one year from the booking date. 

Now, for travelers who have queries on How do I redeem Sun Country credits? They can go through the instructions, redeem the credits, and plan an economical trip with Sun Country. 

Procedure to redeem credits for new Sun Country bookings:

To redeem the credits for Sun Country Airlines booking, the traveler needs to follow the instruction shared below:

  1. To redeem the credit, the traveler needs to locate the flight credit code. The code is similar to the booking code available on the booking confirmation email or email sent at the time of flight change and cancellation. 
  2. After finding the code, the traveler needs to visit the official website of the airline. 
  3. Now, the traveler needs to proceed with the ticket booking process. 
  4. Then, the traveler can mention the required information to book flight tickets. 
  5. After filling in the details, the traveler can proceed with the booking process. 
  6. Then, on the review and pay page, the traveler can redeem the flight credit or voucher. 
  7. Now, the traveler needs to offer the credit code and last name of the passenger. 
  8. After that, the traveler can click on the Apply Now option to redeem the credit.
  9. If there is a balance, the traveler can add their credit cards and pay the balance. 
  10. Once the credit is redeemed, the traveler will get a confirmation email on the same. 

Still, if the travelers have queries regarding the credit redemption, one can dial the Sun Country phone number and contact the airline expert and seek required assistance to redeem the flight credits for the new bookings. 

Contacting Sun Country Airlines customer service

For travelers who have failed to redeemed flight credits for their new bookings can reach out to the airline representative by dialing the Sun Country customer service phone number and follow the instructions shared below:

  1. After dialing the support number, the traveler can contact the representative.
  2. Then, the traveler can seek information on the flight credits by offering the booked reservation details.
  3. If needed, the representative will even offer assistance to the travelers by redeeming the credits and plan a trip with Sun Country Airlines. 

Thus, using these details, travelers can redeem credits for Sun Country Airlines bookings. If the traveler fails to redeem the Sun Country flight credit, then they can contact Sun Country Airlines customer service.

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