How Do I Request a Wheelchair on United Airlines?

When you need wheelchair assistance or other help, United Airlines provides you the option to go to its official website. You can add any service that you need during your journey while booking the tickets. If you travel within the United States or Canada, the Accessibility Desk is ready to help you arrange things for you on a phone call. While flying from other destinations, you must contact the United Airlines customer center to get in touch with the Accessibility Desk.

With this, you can request United and United Express wheelchair equipment as a special service request. Moreover, at a certain point of time before the departure, the check-in gets close. Also, the check-in time may vary depending on your flight type, i.e., domestic and international. So, you do consider the check-in period and plan things accordingly to access exceptional equipment service. Besides, before you request a wheelchair, you must know some necessary information.

Types of Wheelchairs You Get on United Airlines

Airport Wheelchairs

At every airport, the airline arranges wheelchairs for differently-abled passengers. In advance, it is advisable to request a wheelchair by contacting the customer service team to avoid last-minute hassles. All you need to do is notify the United personnel or skycap that you require a wheelchair for transportation.

With this, you no longer wonder how to add wheelchair assistance in United Airlines? You need to do nothing but make a phone call to the reservation support team. The experts will assist you thoroughly and provide you with complete assistance.

Aisle Wheelchairs

The airline offers you a wheelchair to transfer non-ambulatory passengers to and from their seats on the airplane. You can order the service during the reservations.

Onboard Wheelchairs

On United Airlines, an aircraft having more than sixty seats has an onboard wheelchair. These wheelchairs can fit the aisle of the airline and are specially designed so that passengers can use them to access the lavatory. Additionally, the cabin crew or staff helps you thoroughly use a wheelchair and lets you access the services you need during your journey.

Accessible Boarding

  1. There are some domestic and international airports without having jet bridges available. You get a mechanical lift, ramp, or stair chair physically helped by United Airlines staff to deboard and deplane in such a case. This service is accessible only to international locations.
  2. If you travel by United Airlines and request a wheelchair, the above information will help you for hassle-free travel. If you are differently-abled and travel with the airline but need a complaint regarding your travel experience, you can dial the United Airlines support phone number. If you find any concern with the services provided to your disability, you may connect toll-free numbers from the United States or Canada.
  3. Above all, now, you no longer wonder how do I request a wheelchair on United Airlines. Still, you need to learn more about wheelchair service on United Airlines; you can connect with an expert on a phone call. The reservation support team works around the clock to assist you thoroughly.

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