How Do I Reserve My Seats on ANA?

ANA is the largest airline in Japan. It is a low-cost joint venture with the Hong Kong company. Does it provide you with reservations through which you can easily reserve your seats on ANA airlines? If you wish to reserve your seats on ANA airlines, the below written aways will guide you through how to reserve your seats on ANA airlines and do enjoy the true luxury of the ANA airlines. Thus you can easily able to make a quick reservation with the ANA airlines and do reserve a seat of your choice and enjoy the Prefer luxury of your chosen seat. If you have chosen a high category of seats, you can be easily able to get a set as per your liking and enjoy its services.

Whenever you make a booking for your trip with any airline, you expect to get the seat of your choice. Without making any further changes to the ticket, a seat is assigned to you at the airport while receiving your boarding pass. But you should be aware of a new feature in which you can select a seat of your choice. If you have purchased tickets from ANA, then understand the policies and procedures to get the benefit of this service.

Policies for selecting a seat in Ana

After getting through the policies, you will know ana seat selection fee and other relevant information related to this particular service.

  • If you want to avail of this service without paying any amount, then you should select the seat within 24 hours.
  • If you make changes to the ticket, which means selecting the seats after 24 hours, then some amount of service charges you will pay to the airline.
  • The charges for selecting a seat for your journey depend upon the destination where you are flying to and the ticket type.
  • Your chosen seat will be confirmed only when it is available or vacant.
  • For reference, It can be expected that the amount for selecting seats starts from $10 per seat.
  • There are some possible ways through which you can select your desired seats; these are:- 
  1. From the website, use the “Manage Booking” option.
  2. From the website, while doing a web check-in.
  3. With the help of the airline’s support team.
  4. At the airport desk of ANA while receiving your boarding pass.

Procedure to follow to select the seat

From the website:- 

  • Reach the webportal of ANA using the correct weblink.
  • Select the tab for domestic or International bookings.
  • Now, click on the “reservation confirmation” option.
  • Here write your “Booking number”, “First name,” and “Surname” which are mentioned on your ticket.
  • Open your booking, select the option “select seat,” and get the seating plan of your aircraft.
  • Choose the seats per your requirement and comfort.
  • Pay the charges that are visible on your screen to confirm the seats.
  • Submit your ticket and get a new ticket confirmation email or text with the seat number.

When you get through the airline’s website for web check-in, at that time, you may also select the seats in your ana reservation for the journey.

From the ANA support team:- ANA provides assistance to the passengers using different modes of contact, which are phone calls, live chat, and counter. But you can speak to a person at ANA for the seat selection. Check the way to make it done:-

  • Dial the ANA phone number 1800-235-9262.
  • Now, choose your language and start listening to the options from IVR.
  • Press 1 - To add baggage to your tickets.
  • Press 2 - To manage your tickets.
  • Press 3 - To know airport desk facilities.
  • Press * or # - To speak with the live person.
  • Connect your call with the airline’s representative and raise a request to modify your booking. 
  • Pay the amount if applicable and get the confirmation details.

You can reach the airline’s helpdesk on the day of departure or even earlier with the ticket details to get the seats of your choice.

The Below written steps will guide you on how to reserve your seats on ANA Airlines. 

  1. First and foremost, do visit the official site of ANA Airlines.
  2. Then scroll down the screen where you can easily find the option to reserve your seats on ANA airlines. 
  3. You will find an option that says to reserve your seats through which you can quickly get a seat map right in front of you through which you can easily choose the seat that you wish to choose at any given point in time. 
  4. This seat reservation at ANA airlines is a very easy or smooth process through which you can quickly get a seat of your own choice. 
  5. Airlines do send across the official mail to their respective customers and do get a confirmed reservation for the same, 
  6. Before making a payment, fill in all the details such as PNR number, Last name of the passenger, First name of the passenger. 
  7. It helps you to know that your seat is reserved with ANA airlines, and you can easily choose a seat you wish to have before boarding a flight with the airlines. 
  8. Airlines do confirm your payment for the same and do make sure you get the seat as per your choice passenger do have to make a payment prior, or airlines do send the official mail to its customer regarding the confirmation of your flight 
  9.  Once your payment is confirmed, the airline's officials will send across the mail to your registered email id through which you can quickly come to know that your price is established with the airlines and your seat is confirmed with the airlines. 
  10. Thus airlines officials will provide you the confirmed e-ticket with the selected seat you have chosen. 
  11. Since they do provide you the e-ticket in advance, you can easily present it at the airport counter, through which you can quickly get a quick check-in and come to know that your seat is well reserved in advance. 

The above-mentioned ways will guide you on how you can reserve your seat with ANA airlines do enjoy its services. What are the terms and conditions through which you can get a quick reservation with my seat on ANA airlines? Apart from that, If you require any services from ANA airlines, ANA booking phone numbers are always available to guide you. It does provide you with the assistance you do require at any given point in time. Customers can easily make a call to the official numbers and do get a quick assistance that they need. 


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