How do I use Air Serbia voucher?

Air Serbia allows you to reserve your flight ticket utilizing the voucher on its official booking website. When you receive an airline voucher, it is essentially a flight coupon valued at a particular time currency amount that you can use when you reserve your flight ticket to your destinations. You will get specific details in the question for the voucher asked by the passenger and get the answer from a live person securely.

How do I use Air Serbia voucher?

It is necessary to save more money, which is possible by using a travel voucher on Serbia Air instantly. When purchasing a voucher, or you go the voucher after the flight reservation, you can use it during manage booking, upgrade your flight ticket and reserve your new flight decently. You can use the voucher to help and pay for the cost of a new flight that takes minimum charges. A voucher could be used for goods or services from the airline they are given to you. You always get a voucher when your flight is delayed or canceled unexpectedly.

Get suitable points to use Voucher on Serbia Airlines:

  • Air Serbia vouchers can only be used at the Air Serbia offices in Belgrade or through the Air Serbia Contact Center.
  • You can also use its official site during booking, where you can enter the booking details and use your voucher for the booking and upgrading that you can do at any time.
  • Your Serbia gift voucher is valid within 12 months from the date of issue, and it can’t be used online but when you book your flight ticket, contact its travel agent to use it.

How do I redeem Air Serbia Vouchers?

When you check your booking account and find a voucher, you can redeem it by contacting a customer representative team that is available to assist you at your required time. Your voucher is valid for one year from the date of issue, and you can redeem it by connecting to the Air Serbia customer service team that is available to assist you at your suitable time. If you want to know the essential tips to redeem your voucher on Serbia Airlines, read the steps provided by the customer representative team.

Get the steps to use Air Serbia Voucher:

  • First, open the official site of Air Serbia and go to the booking option shown on the page after logging into your booking account.
  • You need to add your details for the booking you want to make and select the flight according to your needs.
  • You will see the various option while making payment online and confirming the flight on the payment page.
  • Contact the travel agent and ask for the voucher code to redeem and click on the payment tab.
  • You must enter the voucher code during making payment and redeem the voucher to book your flight ticket eventually.

Are flight vouchers transferable?

Yes, you can use the credit voucher, which is transferable, and it can be used in a single or multiple passenger booking. Most airlines generally offer vouchers only to the original flyer named on the ticket. Nevertheless, some airlines make an exception and allow you to transfer it to someone quickly. 

If you want to get further details to use the voucher on Serbia Air, feel free to call at Air Serbia phone number that is available to assist you at your required time. This phone number helps you use and redeem the voucher during upgrading and flight booking on Serbia Air at your convenient time.


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