How do I use my Air Europa Voucher?

Vouchers can carry out multiple purposes when it comes to airline services. These can be used for paying for various purposes, be it in-flight services or be it on ground services. Vouchers usually play the role of compensation. Whenever a flight or additional service is canceled, either by the airline or by the passenger themselves, the airline gives compensation for the fare the passenger paid. Passengers ask many questions when it comes to Air Europa vouchers. To get more insight into the topic, you should go through these lines. 

How do I use my Air Europa voucher?

Air Europa makes the process of using the vouchers very easy. You can use the following steps for your guidance while using the voucher. 

  • The airline sends a link along with the voucher in the mail.
  • When you decide to book a flight, you can open this link.
  • The link will take you to the page which will show you all the available flights.
  • Select the new flight as per the details mentioned in the criteria box.
  • At the payment screen, use the voucher code to complete the payment.
  • Once the payment is complete, you will receive an acknowledgment mail. 

How do I redeem Air Europa vouchers?

You may use your voucher for different purposes. This includes the purchase of a new flight itinerary, paying for any flight-related service, in-flight purchases such as food and beverages, etc. All you have to do is apply the voucher at the time of making the payment. If the amount you need to pay is more than your voucher’s worth, then you need to pay the difference. If your purchase costs less than the original purchase, the amount will stay in the voucher till the validity period. 

Can flight vouchers be used for anyone?

In most cases, the airline does not allow the transfer of vouchers from the original owner to another person. The person is allowed to use the voucher amount for someone else in the sense that they can buy certain airline services for someone else through these vouchers. However, the transfer of the voucher to another anime is usually prohibited. 

How long are airline vouchers good for?

When the airline issues a voucher, you have to utilize the amount in a specified period of time; otherwise, the voucher expires and the money associated with it. The airline will give you a voucher in case you booked a non-refundable ticket and canceled it, when the airline canceled your ticket and could not set you up on another itinerary or when you canceled some service that was associated with your flight. The vouchers hold a refund amount that rightfully belongs to you, and you can use it within the stipulated time period. 

You need to use the voucher within 90 days from the date of issue. In certain special cases, if you are able to sway the aileron in your favor, this period can extend beyond that. 

Air Europa phone number

Getting the phone number is easier than you think. You just need to go to the Air Europa official website and look for the help and contact section. The airline only uses one toll-free number for a country. Select your, and then you can start making the call. 

The support executives are one of the most hard-working and humble people you will ever come across. They stay available 24*7 to ensure no customer is left without the help they need. 


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