How Far in Advance Can You Book Lufthansa Flights?

Planning a trip for yourself? Book your tickets in advance if you have a planned trip in hand. Most airlines offer cheaper travel when booked in advance. Carriers follow a similar time frame to allow you to book a flight in advance with them. Some air carriers, however, allow more time than others. If you are trying to find out which airline to choose from to book your flight in advance and how far in advance can you book your flight with them then we are here to sort your requirements. Follow the post and find your requirement met.

Lufthansa is a major carrier in the world and it offers one of the most prestigious services in terms of travelling in class and luxury. It also offers one of the highest number of days to book your flight in advance. If you are planning to travel in Lufthansa and get a Lufthansa flights booking in advance then it is a great proposition. You can pre book your flights in Lufthansa in advance and enjoy your travel at a relatively lesser price.

How to make a booking?

You can book a flight by going to Booking Services page at and go to My Bookings. There you can choose to book your flight and more. The following options are available at My Bookings:

  1. Online Baggage Tracing
  2. Cancellation and refund
  3. Upgrade options
  4. Advanced seat reservation
  5. Booking your special meals
  6. Manage your bookings

You can avail all the above facilities at My Bookings at Booking Services and manage all your needs at one place itself.

What to do if you are unable to book a flight?

If you need assistance then you can place a call or be in touch with Lufthansa in many ways. The various ways to be in touch with Lufthansa are listed below:

  1. Customer care number
  2. Chat
  3. Email 
  4. Social Media

How far in advance can you book Lufthansa flights?

You can book your flight in advance up to 365 days before. That is a lot of time but the benefit of doing so is to get the cheapest possible fares for your ticket most of the time. It is generally pretty difficult to plan ahead with so much time, but if you can do it then you save money and sometimes some anxiety too. That is because if you book your tickets late then chances are you may get a waiting list booking. If your requirement is urgent then you can the waiting list number might make you a bit anxious.

Sometimes you have planned a vacation for yourself with your friends and family then you can plan really ahead in time to book your tickets. Or if you have a corporate meeting scheduled next year even then you can do it. It is difficult to plan a corporate meeting in that much advance, however, it is really advantageous to do so. In the section we are going to know the advantages in detail.

Advantages of booking in advance

  1. Freedom 

When you book in advance then you don’t have to worry about availability of tickets to book one for yourself. There are plenty of tickets that are available.

  1. Offers and discounts

Sometimes there are heavy discounts available for early booking. And sometimes there are heavy sales that are available on long haul flights. These are missed by those who don’t plan way ahead. 

  1. Lots of time in hand

You get time to do various things such as managing your journey and plan ahead to make the most of it. 

  1. Plan your finances

When you have time then you can save a lot of money too for the trip ahead so that you can do anything you like on the trip ahead.

When to make reservations?

You can make Lufthansa flight reservations upto 23 hours before departure. However, you can reserve your seats at the time of booking itself. If you like you can go for window seats or aisle seats or extra legroom seats. When you go for a long haul flight then you can choose the extra legroom seats so that you can easily fly without too much of a problem. For shorter flights an aisle seat or a window seat will just do fine.

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