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How Long Does it Take To Get a Refund From Lufthansa?

How Long Does it Take To Get a Refund From Lufthansa?

In case you’re planning to book a German airline. Then Lufthansa is undoubtedly going to be the first name, which comes to your mind. You can connect to them by calling, or even online through their website. There are situations when you might expect a refund. 1(805) 626-7010 That refund could be related to the cancellation or flight change or due to the flight cancellation by the airline. 

So, if you’re thinking, “How long does it take to get a refund from Lufthansa?” Then the answer to that is seven to ten days. Within this period, you will receive the refund in the account from which you made the payment. You can even receive a refund in the form of vouchers. You will be able to utilize these vouchers in your next booking with the Lufthansa airlines

To know the correct procedure for making the flight change and the cancellation. You need to follow the right path mentioned below. Then you will be able to make the changes without any issues. 

Procedure To Make The Flight Change or Cancellation:

  1. Go on the official webpage of Lufthansa airlines. 
  2. Search “Lufthansa airline” on any search engine. After that, you would need to tap on the top link. 
  3. Now click on the option of “My bookings.” Now you would need to enter your booking reference number and your surname. 
  4. Once the search is over, then you’ll come across your booking. Click on it to open it. 
  5. Now tap on the “Flight change” button. After that you need to make the changes or the cancellation. 
  6. While you will be making the cancellation, you’ll come across the information that your cancellation will be refundable or not. If it is not going to be refundable or non-refundable, you’ll see the information regarding that. 

That is it. You can make the fight change. Soon, you’ll get the refund you’re looking for. You can even get in touch with customer support by dialling Lufthansa airlines phone number. 

Refund Policy:

  1. To avoid the cancellation fee while cancelling your flight. You would need to make sure that you cancel the ticket at least 24 hours before the flight's departure time. Once you have followed this condition, then you will be able to make the cancellation fee. The other condition is that, you must have booked it, seven days before the departure date. 
  2. If Lufthansa has cancelled your flight. Then you will be getting an exclusive discount from the side of the airline. 
  3. If you have downgraded your reservation, then you will be entitled to receive a refund. However, you’re allowed to downgrade only once. 

Via customer service:

Making the flight changes or claiming the refund can also be done by calling customer support. You need to go on their website and click on the option of “Help & contact.” After that, you will come across their number. Dial the number and speak to a live person Lufthansa. They will help you in getting your refund. 

Hopefully, your query regarding Lufthansa airlines refund is clear. Have a nice flight.

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