How Much Money is Refunded on Cancellation of Go Air Ticket?

GoAir is a minimal expense budget airline and it started its first services in 2005 and the first flight services started in November 2005.  At present the airline owner of this airline operator is Wadia Group. The main hub of the airline is Chhatrapati Shivaji international Airport. In 2007 it was considered as the fifth largest airline in India with a 7.8% passenger market share.  As of September 2017, the airline operates more than 140 daily flights to 23 cities.

Vacations are something that everyone plans to look forward to, and if your flight is cancelled or you miss your flight, because of that it ruins your vacation and your entire experience before leaving the airport. And this happens anytime, anywhere with everyone in the world. And when your flight is cancelled you might be thinking How much money is refunded on cancellation of Go Air ticket? For this DGCA has now identified the pain of the customers and there are regulations in place to make sure that you are getting your money back up to 20,000 for all these above cases. 

If you are thinking about a refund or will Go Air refund a ticket then, Bookmyflighttickets is with you to assist you in getting the refund from the airlines. This refund or compensation is over and above the amount which you will be receiving. Using the flight information, enter your details into your claim calculator or you can visit the website through web browsers  using phone or desktop. If you are entitled we can help you from there. 

GoAir cancellation policy

  1. Board a subsequent flight which is provided by GoAir Without paying any other extra amount. 
  2. The passenger can receive  full refund of the reservation amount
  3. If the airline cancel your flight or postpones it by over two hours, prepones over under half and hours, doesn’t halt at a passenger destination or fails to provides your previously confirmed flight seat, a traveler has a right to: 
  4. If the flyer missed the flight because of some personal issues, the airline won’t be able to give the refund which will be made for the same. 
  5. If GoAir airline is unable to reach the contact number  which you have provided them while making a reservation, then the airline will have to send the email to the passenger email address. 
  6. For the cancelled flight the passenger is not allowed to take available flight and receive a refund of the reservation amount. 

When am I entitled for a refund? 

According to DGCA Rules airlines customers are entitled to get the refund in the event if flight cancellation and overbooking is done. 

Go air refund policy 

In case there is a delay in the GoAir flight more than for 2 hours or the airline cancel your flight or the prepone flights by more than 30 minutes of your schedule departure time, it shall do either of the following ways: 

  1. Carry the passenger on board or the next flight on the same sector or

  2. Make a full refund to the passenger, either to the credit card used for purchase the ticket or by the way demand draft or cheque within 15 days

  3. The passengers are required to inform the concerned about circumstances within 24 hours of communication being sent to them, fir through phone or in case of its failure you can use the email option. 

If you still have doubts about will Go Air refund a ticket or   For further information about How much money is refunded on cancellation of Go Air ticket? You can contact the airline directly or call them through the customer service,

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