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How Quickly do BA Pay Compensation?

How Quickly do BA Pay Compensation?

British Airways is one of the largest airlines in the UK, it flies to more than 80 destinations around the world. According to the fact sheet, British Airways planes take off every 90 seconds from somewhere in the world. And that is quite impressive. 

But running such a huge fleet size is not without complications. In such a case in the fall of 2019, nearly 100 flights were more than 45 minutes late due to technical issues. Luckily for travelers, they do not work without rights. EU 261 allows the passenger to claim British Airways compensation in certain circumstances. If you are thinking about How Quickly do BA pay compensation? All the requests of compensation are reviewed by the BA compensation claim team, and the customer will get the response within 28 days. 

How do I ask for Airlines Compensation?

If you are thinking about How do I ask for airline compensation? To get the compensation you can contact the airline through British Airways Contact number, and request them about the compensation or they should provide you with the written compensation. When you make the request you should keep your flight ticket or reference number with you. To get the compensation either for delay or cancelled flight then you should ather all the proof of delayed or cancelled flights. 

When am I eligible for BA Flight Compensation?

On the other hand you are entitled to  BA compensation under EU 261, that is the amount of cash compensation in addition to a refund of your flight ticket price.

To be eligible for compensation of the British Airways  flight ticket must be meet the following conditions:

  1. The flight was reserved not more than 6 years ago.
  2. You should have valid travel documents and booking confirmation for your trip
  3. If your flight is cancelled or delayed with 14 days of notice period.
  4. If you checked in for your flight on time of departure. 
  5. Your flight departed from the airport in the EU or landed at an Airport in the EU.

BA Flight Delay Compensation

Other than above requirements, there are various rules and regulations for eligibility depending on whether your flight is delayed or cancelled. If your flight is delayed then you will be entitled for BA compensation if you arrive at your final destination within 3 hours later than originally planned time. The timing is calculated on the basis of arrival at the airport and the time of departure.

  1. If the flight is delayed 3 hours or more or less than 15,000 km, then you will get € 250
  2. If the flight is delayed 3 hours or more than 15,000km to 3500 km then you will get  € 400
  3. If the flight is delayed 3 hours or more than 15,000 m within the EU then you will get  € 400

BA cancelled flight compensation

The eligibility criteria for British Airline cancelled flights is more straightforward. If your flight is cancelled within less than 14 days, then you may be eligible for compensation. While the BA refund depends upon the cost of the flight ticket, as the amount of refunds depends upon the cost of the flight ticket. The BA cancelled flight compensation is based on the time period, which man how long your flight was:

  1. You will get up to €250 for 15000 km, 
  2. You will get up to €400 for 35000 km, 
  3. You will get up to €600 for more than 35000 km, 

For further information about How quickly do BA pay compensation? Please do contact the customer service by BA phone number

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