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How Strict is TAP Portugal on Baggage?

How Strict is TAP Portugal on Baggage?

TAP Air Portugal has various types of fares, and the check allowances depend on these fares and the flight routes. 

Everything you know about TAP Air Portugal carry on Allowance, and the checked baggage allowance for both international and domestic flights, size, dimensions  and the weight limit and charges, you will have read further about TAP Air Portugal Allowance and How strict is TAP Portugal on baggage?

TAP Air Portugal baggage policy 

As per the TAP air Portugal baggage policy, All TAP Air Portugal passengers are allowed to carry one hand bag in the cabin with themselves, with minimum dimensions of 55X40x20cm.

If you want to avoid any extra changes as baggage fee then, you have to Remember that,  your baggage must be within the permit size, limits and the weight limit. And these limits and sizes vary from destination to destination.

If you are travelling to or from domestic destinations you can carry on the plane:

  1. Economy class: you are allowed to carry 1 bag up to 8 kgs, with the dimensions of 55x40x20 cm / 22x16x8 in plus one personal item up to 2 kg with the dimension of 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x5 in.
  2. Business class: You can  2 bags upto 8 kgs with the Dimensions of 55x40x20 cm / 22x16x8 in plus 1 personal item up to 2 kg with the dimension of 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x5 in.

If you are traveling to and from south America then you can carry on the plane: 

  1. Economy class: for economy class you can carry up to 10 kg/22 LBS and 1 bag upto 10 kg with the dimensions of  55x40x20 cm / 22x16x8 in.
  2. Business class: for business class you are allowed to carry 2 bags up to 8 kg with the dimension of 8 kg / 55x40x20 cm / 22x16x8 , and one personal item of 2 kg with the dimension of 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x5 in.

The personal item should be one of the following: 

  1. The personal item you should carry, a purse, shoulder bag or a laptop bag with a maximum size of 40x30x15 cm / 16x12x5. 
  2. Mobile equipment, charger power bank etc. 
  3. Medical devices with approval With a maximum weight of 2 Kg/4.4 Ib.

AP Portugal check in baggage

The number of bags you are allowed to carry as your checked baggage with TAP AIR Portugal Airlines, And the size of the bag always depends on your flight destination. 

How much checked baggage are you allowed to carry on your TAP AIR Portugal  flight?

If you are travelling With your family, please remember that the hold baggage allowance for kids aged up to 2 to 11 years, is the same allowance as adults. New born ( under the age of 2) allowed to carry 10 kg. You can carry one bag of hold luggage when traveling with TAP/discounts, which may be one of them: baby chairs, folding baby buggies, or baskets. 

Items not allowed in your checked baggage

  1. Items restricted on TAP Air Portugal Airline are; Guns, firearms and the other things that discharge projectiles. 
  2. All types of Firearms, such as pistols, shotgun, and rifles. 
  3. Toy guns, and imitation firearms that are capable of being mistaken for real weapons. 
  4. slingshots and catapults
  5. harpoon guns and spear guns, 
  6. starter pistols and signal flare pistols 
  7. Arrows and bows, crossbows

For more information about How strict is TAP Portugal on baggage?  You can call the airline through the TAP Air Portugal phone number, and tell them your doubts and queries, the customer service representative will provide you with the best solution, and make your journey comfortable and hassle free. 

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