How to Avoid a British Airways Seat Reservations Fee?

British Airways is the airline of United Kingdom. It is the second-largest airline in the United Kingdom in terms of its fleet size and passengers. The airline is celebrated to provide the best and most comfortable journey. Though you will hardly have any issue with the British airway, certain factors may not favor your trip. One of them is the seat reservation fee. It means if you are booking your seat in advance, there are some charges that you will have to pay while selecting your seat. You can escape from these charges if you have a first-class booking; otherwise, it is applicable for other classes. So if you are wondering, if is there any way to avoid the British airways seat reservation fee? The information below is for you only.

Different ways to avoid seat reservation fees in British airways

If you don't want to pay the reservation fee for the economy, premium economy, and business class. Following are some ways that can help you with that.

One world elite status/executive club

If you have gold status, executive club, one world sapphire, or one world emerald elite status, you are one of those lucky people who can enjoy free seat skeleton while booking. If you have executive club gold /Oneworld emerald elite, you can select a seat for free except exit row seats before 24 hours. If you have executive club bronze or Oneworld ruby status, you can select a seat for free except exit row seats before seven days to your flight.

Flexible tickets: Free seat selection

  1. If you buy an expensive flexible fare that is plus flex, you can select your seat for free at booking.

Free seat selection if traveling with an infant under 2

  1. If you are traveling with an infant under two and not booking any separate seat, you can select sear for free during the time of booking. Other passengers with the same booking are also eligible to select their seat for free at the time of booking

Free seat selection for disabled and mobile impaired

  1. If you are a passenger having any disability or you are mobility impaired, you can make your seat selection for free at east before 48 hours of your flight. You can select a seat at the time of booking.

Free seat selection before 24 hours to the flight

  1. You can select your seat for free before 24 hours of flight. So if you don't have any problem with late access, you n select your seat at the time of check-in online. To get a better seat, you can try it at the 24-hour mark to maximize the chances of getting a better seat.

Reserve a paid flight with a travel advisor

  1. Using a travel advisor, you can avoid the British airways seat reservation fee. The travel advisor charges some amounts, but prices are often negotiable for paid British Airways club world business class, lower than published. So it's always best to check with the travel advisors to access seat selections for free.

So using the above steps, you can have the right to free seat selections. You can also assist British airways customer service by connecting them through the British airways phone number available online. You can also connect them via email or chat with them to check for free seat selection ways. Apart from these, you can also follow some hacks to save your money, like you can check for some promo codes, discounts, etc. If you book your ticket before 30-50 days, there are many ways you can save on your booking.

Reading the information above, you can take advantage of free seat selection anytime. For any further information, please spare some time to post your comment in the section below.

Do you have to pay to choose seats on British Airways?

Unless you have booked a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only), you can choose your seat for free when check-in opens (24 hours before departure). we'll allocate you a seat for free when check-in opens. You can then pay to change to a different seat, although your choice may be limited.

How do I avoid paying for seats on British Airways?
Fortunately there are a few ways to not pay the British Airways seat selection fee that applies to Economy, Premium Ecconomy, and Business Class:
  1. Executive Club / Oneworld Elite Status. 
  2. Flexible Tickets: Free Seat Selection. 
  3. Traveling with an Infant Under 2: Free Seat Selection.
  4. Disability Requires Specific Seating.

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