How to change flight on Priceline? 

Priceline refers to the online vendors of airline tickets, hotel rooms, and even car rentals at discounted fares. But to receive these low prices customers may have to lose certain privileges like getting all the details of travel arrangements before the purchase or right to cancel or alter a reservation.

'Name Your Own Price' Fares: Cancellation policy

Priceline provides two ways of buying an airline ticket and rental cars. The latter will be obtainable at a very low price but do not permit refunds, change or even cancellation plus passengers who use the special rates may not know the details of the itinerary before buying the ticket. The passenger who uses “name your own price” should be prepared to fly with any carrier or lose the money paid if you cannot use the airline ticket.

What is the Priceline cancellation policy?

“Name your own price” provide tickets in more of a traditional format in which all the relevant information will be disclosed that includes the name of the airline and the layover times. On the Airline policy passenger may cancel or alter the flights. But the good thing is Priceline allows its customer to cancel their ticket within one day but the ticket should be purchased before 11:30 PM plus in case the airline changes the itinerary of the flight you can also be permitted to cancel the ticket without penalty.

Cancellation policy and travel insurance

In most cases, people who have travel insurance have more options to cancel the reservation under any ordinary situation. Priceline provides travel insurance but the term is you have to purchase it via the Priceline website at the same time as the ticket. Priceline cancellation policies are also subject to individual airline, hotel, or rental company. Unforeseen sickness, injury, death of a loved one, or loss of a job are reasonable or valid causes that can help you in cancellation with a full refund.

How to Change flight on Priceline?

If a passenger has bought a flight ticket via Priceline then first thing Is to contact the airline directly. Every airline represented through Priceline will have their contact number and website address which will be displayed on’s Airline customer service price list within frequently asked question options in the Help Center. Note that not all numbers will be toll-free so long-distance international calls might be applicable. In case you want to cancel a reservation booking with Priceline contact directly to the airline or drop them mail or try to dial their dial free number.

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